Sunday, February 2, 2020

Valentine’s Day Forever

My favorite holiday ~ Valentine’s Day ~
approaches. Yet again, its spirit being one I embody all year through. Having a special holiday for Love💟, the collective Love Quotient of humanity energetically spikes around this time - similar to when disaster hits and people rally around to assist with love and support. The delightful bonus Valentine beauty is that this love beam radiates more intensely as result of positive prompting.

Although the general interpretation is a romantic connection 💞between two people, that is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg of what Love fully encompasses. Unconditional love💗 is a concept most humans have yet to grasp. Some think you loving them unconditionally means you will be physically there for them no matter how disrespectfully they treat you. That’s far from the truth as, if you did that, you wouldn’t be honoring and loving yourself. The closest example I can think of humans feeling unconditional love is when a mother holds and gazes upon her newborn baby for the first time. Words just can’t express the emotion and Love 💛enveloping the two of them as time stands still. And (I know this is controversial) even if you aren’t a mother now, everyone in some lifetime has been a mother, unless you are a "newbie" but that's a topic for another day. Everyone can conjure up a semblance of that sublime feeling. Just imagine how it will be when everyone shares unconditional love with all other beings on the planet! “Imagine all the people…” Our thoughts/emotions are mighty and this is an extremely potent time for positive shift.
Art by Daniel Holeman

As you can surmise, as humanity is only starting to awaken, it isn’t always prudent to look deeply into another’s eyes and say, “I love you” when reflecting unconditional love.💜 I am still paying the price for that – one of the reasons I remain vague about my current location. However, there are no mistakes, only cause and effect, and love will prevail 💖

Art by Daniel Holeman
Here’s a warm fuzzy idea. Consider, this Valentine’s Season, romancing yourself. Fall in love💘, again or for the first time, with who you are – just the way you are. I don’t mean in a narcissistic way in which you simply use others for your personal gain. If you truly love and honor the extension of God that you are, you will respect all around you. The more you love yourself on this higher plane, the more powerful you become and capable of bringing more joy and light to others. Unless your cup is full, ye overflowing, you cannot abundantly fill the cups of others.

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A celebration of Love 💚would not be complete without an over sprinkling of gratitude. 🙏Ongoing thanks to all who have assisted and encouraged me both recently and over the years/lifetimes. Donations, food, shelter, leads, purchasing my offerings, sending a few kind words and energetic support are all so deeply appreciated. And most of all….your Love!

Happy Love Day! 💕Happy Love Month!
Remember to BE your own Valentine! May every aspect of your life be infused with the glorious enchantment of Love!