Friday, November 23, 2012

My Odyssey

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride or a Roller Coaster have often been ways I’ve referred to my life.  However, recently it dawned on me that it was much more like The Odyssey.  When I shared this awareness with my daughter, she asked, “Wasn’t that where you were married?”  Wow, what a crazy flash!  She was correct about the fine dining hilltop hideaway in Granada Hills CA where her dad and I married.  That detail had totally slipped my mind. 

But it was Homer’s Odyssey I had been relating to – from the battle, to losing almost everything, to the stalking attacker, to deception, to the would be love that wished to hold me captive, to magic, to many supportive characters, to the myriad distractions attempting to dissuade me from my purpose, to beings from other dimensions guiding my way.
Definitely an epic journey so far and a ways to go before the “goal”.  But I have reached much higher levels of patience, trust and compassion along the way.

In pursuit of my Spa Retreat manifestation, I have traveled to Panama, Costa Rica, Cozumel, Belize, and the Bahamas among other places.  Countless hours have been spent researching various areas and possibilities.  Millions of bits of correspondence have transpired for more direction/connections.  I no longer recall how many times I have been boundlessly excited thinking I may find “the” perfect situation just around the river bend only to have to come down again.  The journey has had so many twists and turns which, seen from purely human eyes, are just distractions from my Calling.  Even I succumbed to my moments of frustration about my “wasted time”.  Of course, operating from my Higher Self, I totally realize that nothing has been wasted and every situation offered valued whether I realize the reason at the time or not.

My mission from March to October was a very unique situation in itself requiring total immersion and commitment to guide another individual.  This person is also a powerful, magnificent being who has totally forgotten this fact as well as what he came here to do.  The whole experience was extremely bittersweet interlaced with non-supportive choices as well as unspeakable beauty.  Frequently I had to remind myself that my job is to guide, not force or control.  It is up to others to make their own choices and live with their own results.
In a personal whirlwind of adventure myself, I made it from Florida to California in November.  Countless angels both etheric and human assisted at every twist of the journey.  Just when I thought my path would be smooth for a while, I’d get thrown another challenge.  There was only way I could (and often still can) handle things peacefully, with the ease and grace I desire.  This is to take things not one day at a time but often one minute at a time…..truly living in the present and realizing the gift of the moment.

Speaking of gifts, the current leg of my journey has me a bit closer to my parents and my kids. 

My daughter and her boyfriend recently purchased their first house.  I have the honor of helping them transform this house into their home.  Graciously they are hosting me through this process.  As a bonus, I get to see my son who lives right down the street.  It is also a time for re-connection with my parents and friends who are in this area – or choose to make the trip here to visit :-)

Before long I will be headed out again to a tropical place where “the weather suits my clothes”.  Maybe here is where you come in?  While I am not positive of the location but Bimini in the Bahamas has been showing up repeatedly on my radar.  I am looking for a way to sustain myself there and maybe, ultimately, finally manifest that Spa Retreat!  If you know anyone who has any connections to Bimini, or anyone interested in some project with me there, please let me know!

In the meantime, I am still working to support myself  through Telephone Wellness Coaching, Juice Plus – one of the best nutritional support systems around and now, the Tower Garden.  Your leads and business in these areas are greatly appreciated too.

In closing, human words cannot adequately express how important YOU are in my life!  I am so happy and grateful we chose to make this journey together.  Your love, support and very presence in my life mean more to me than you probably know.

Here’s hoping you feel the love and gratitude I wrap you in always….

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blog Taking A Hiatus

Greetings Dear Family and Friends!

Time and space are whirling and continuing to fly by at rapid speeds. Life is happening in ways that make no sense to some (including me at times)! Of course our Higher Selves always have a clue and just dance along the magical mystery journey. Because of this, I have been guided to take a hiatus from announcing my journey’s breaking news to the world for a “time”. If you haven't got all the juice up to now, I invite you to investigate earlier blog entries for your entertainment and possible upliftment.

I am still offering Telephone Wellness Coaching. If you life seems to be deviating from all you have previously know and would like some guidance moving through the changes gracefully, this might be for you!

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If you know me personally and would like to check in, I welcome your e-mail to catch up

While I may appear quiet for a while, be assured I carry you all in my heart and have a delightful exchange with you daily. Words are not adequate to express my appreciation for all your love and support! See you in the etheric realms for a while……..

Namaste ~ Michelle