Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Giving Thanks

Like Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving is an event I live daily. However, it is nice to have a specially appointed celebration to help people remember to focus on an attitude of gratitude. While we could go on with the woes of the world litany non-stop, we really could do the same with our blessings. For example, I could seriously write a hilarious book about my ongoing computer complexities. However, doing so wouldn’t be joyful for me and would have me focus on things of a not so bright nature. I bring the subject up again to thank some amazing folks. Costco Angel Jackie went above and beyond. She jumped (or flew) through hoops to make things right with the cheerfulness and patience of a saint! Once again, the Axicom Angels flew to my technology assistance. In this world, I will never be able to thank them enough. For decades, Axicom has been providing high quality yet affordable IT services. They have a wealth of experience, industry knowledge and tools to help small and medium businesses thrive. I’m pretty sure you can’t beat their friendly and imperturbable staff as well. If you are anywhere near Westlake Village California, stop by and see for yourself. If you aren’t, these amazing techs can work magic remotely too!

Thankfully, I was able to find many loving new homes for my Gifts From the Sea shell creations. Happiness bubbles well up thinking of the delight many will experience receiving a number of them as gifts. Oceans of thanks to all who supported me and purchased these treasures! This definitely helped with my new computer too 😊 There is still time to purchase unique, beachy, one of a kind gifts for your Loved Ones. Check out (and maybe like/follow) our fb page / our Instagram / Pinterest or visit our etsy store. Obviously, the etsy store is pretty straight forward, just contact for availability and payment for items you like in other places. Payment methods include check, zelle, fb, venmo, paypal and more.

Again I have been mermazingly blessed to have been able to experience lots of enchanted beach time. Nature rages fierce one day then transforms to calm and idyllic overnight. Even going to the same places, I never know what spells will be cast over me until I am in each new encounter. Manta rays fly through the air defying gravity effortlessly – reminding me of Moana’s grandmother and her wisdom. Dolphins appear just at the moment I need an energetic or emotional boost. They know! Recently I was thrilled to see dolphins leaping tremendous heights rotating sideways completely clearing the tops of Monstro waves - over and over again. A variety of shells, interesting stones, colorful beach glass, shark teeth and lost jewelry are among the thousands of treasures I am gifted.

The Universe sometimes works in mysterious ways. I received three unsolicited requests for work exchange assistance in the Virgin Islands in as many weeks. I thought for sure that was a sign for the next turn in my journey. Perhaps my secluded retreat would be revealed as I explored that area of the Caribbean. Based on what I had going on at the time, I figured I’d be there by the end of September – October at the latest. Yet more signs showed up later indicating I should be right where I am now, exercising my particular abilities. And it’s not quite the Caribbean. Often, I feel like the writing on the wall in in hieroglyphics with God/ The Universe apparently overlooking the fact I haven’t been fluent in that language in a very long time! Fortunately, I always know, without a shadow of a doubt, what my very next step is to be. Perhaps I will still re-adventure to the Virgin Islands someday. Then again, I’d rather be presented the map with X marking the spot of my tropical dream home! Hey, anything is possible!

Whether or not Thanksgiving is a holiday in your corner of the world, I wish you and yours Happy Thanksgiving. It is the warm spirit of appreciation that goes hand in hand with Love. Thank you for brightening the world! Love and blessings all around.