Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Religion and Spirituality

I almost titled this Religion vs Spirituality. Instantly I remembered my desire to be as extremely diligent about my words and focus as possible. “vs” often denotes some sort of conflict. While not in denial about conflict, I choose to consciously have in my experience what I wish which is peace and absence of judgment (in the sense of deeming things good or bad).

I was extremely blessed and delighted to spend the Easter/Springtime holidays with family that had not been all together in years. We laughed, we loved, we helped, we surprised, we enjoyed re-connecting with each other. We brought in more family members, who were not able to make it in person, thanks to the wonders of technology. I shared my some of my adventures, hopes and dreams as did others.

An interesting situation presented that was the impetus of writing this particular blog post. We were all sitting down getting ready to enjoy dinner together. I, among others, was joking a bit about silver, gold and frankincense with an obvious reference to Jesus. Now I must clarify that this was humor and fun with Jesus…in no way mocking him. One family member got extremely defensive and upset about the conversation. To keep the peace, the rest of us just changed the topic.

Due to many experiences, past and present, I have some extremely interesting relationships with Jesus…..but that is a topic for another day. Suffice it to say, I have an understanding about Jesus that is about love and joy. He wasn’t all seriousness and control. He would have definitely wanted people to participate in fun and the happiness we were having in our conversation.  Here is where the part about religion comes up.  All religions have seeds of truth in them. However, some people only know the information that their form of religion has programmed into them.  They can’t fathom anything beyond that information. If Jesus walked up to these individuals today (sans the garments of a time and place long passed), they would probably not even recognize him. He wouldn’t fit into the box of perception they were taught.

The purpose of this observation is not to judge or condemn. All choices are definitely honored “above” and by myself as well. So of course people are entitled to believe and live as they desire. I personally choose to be spiritual instead of aligning with a man-made structure called religion. I chuckled reading a saying recently, “Religion is for people who fear Hell.  Spirituality is for people who have already been there and back”. That is definitely true for me. If you are still reading this so far, you are person who thinks, at least some of the time, outside the “box” that you were programmed into. So, whether you subscribe to a particular religion or not, I propose to you a friendly challenge. When other humans tell you that things are right or wrong, please run it all through the filter of your heart and spirit. The Divine communicates to you directly that way. If you consciously do this and make choices that are more in alignment with your own Higher Truth, perhaps you will be happily surprised. Human ego can be a little tricky but, with a little practice, you will begin to be able to differentiate Spirit coming through you.  How can you tell?….it is the voice that brings most peace.
If you'd like guidance in a more human manner, check out my Telephone Wellness Coaching to see if it is appropriate for you. Many thanks to all who have chosen to join me on this journey!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Phoenix Rising

While I know I am in the absolute right place in the exact right time at all times, there are moments when things can still be a bit tough on this human plane. I returned to California from Florida toward the end of November of 2013. Although I had no idea what was next, I was pretty sure it would fall into place in the next 2 months….3 at the most. I was, of course, happy to see my parents and kids (grown up now but they’ll always be my kids). It was delightful to reconnect with friends in the area as well. As the weeks marched on, one situation would appear as a possibility and then another….only to fall apart a short time later. I was more than a little surprised to get almost no viable information about my next tropical door in spite of my numerous efforts. Instead, all I knew was my “next step” for months. In spite of the fact that I noticed (and assisted in) many wonders along my California journey, I had allowed some darkness to creep into my life in the form of doubt, sadness and discouragement. As I let these emotions insidiously grow, my remembrance of who I truly am and what I am capable of dimmed. Even though some others could still see my light, I was having difficulty seeing it myself. What I knew and what I felt became two very different places. One loud and very clear realization was there was no way I could live like this indefinitely.

A couple Earth Angels, aka my Parents, stepped up to help “revive” me. Some kind of retreat was necessary for renewal and reconnection with my Higher Self. A quite unseemly solution was found….a Caribbean cruise.
Most people think of a party like atmosphere on a cruise, particularly the company with whom I sailed. However, I made it exactly the quiet miracle that I needed to become the bright and dazzling Bird of Fire – the Phoenix. Rising from the ashes of my previous recent “mis-creations”, I am, once again, strong in my knowing and in my conscious creation abilities.

I still am not sure of “what’s around the river bend” but I do know what is going on in my heart and soul.

Perhaps life is subtly (or not so subtly) weighing you down in one area or another. Maybe you’ve been going years without feeling like you are operating from your authentic self.  If so, chances are you could use emergency restoration like I did. I’m not suggesting a cruise, unless of course you too know how to make it work for that purpose. Let your imagination run wild.  What would really help shake things up for you? I know, the excuses of why you can’t do something are flowing just as fast as the things you’d like to do. Listen people!  This is your life! You deserve to live it fully. Now! Not when you have time.  Not when you have money. Not when you can get away from work. Not when (you fill in the blank). I encourage you to manifest the first miracle today of deciding you are going to do whatever it takes to live your life fully aligned, joyful and powerful. Then take just the next step in that direction.

And yes, sometimes we can use the assistance of others as we make this amazing journey on Gaia together.  This is still a lesson I am working on accepting. At this time, I express infinite gratitude for each and every Earth Angel (many of you know who you are) that has kindly lifted me up each and every day.
You have all helped rekindle my fire so I, in turn, can continue my magnificent work of shining for the rest of this world.  If you would like some encouragement, insight or inspiration to assist you in your own Resurrection, please consider Telephone Wellness Coaching. Contact me or check out my website www.universalwellness.us for more details in determining if it is appropriate for you.

Thank you all for continuing to share my journey. If you are new to my adventures, welcome aboard. Abundant blessings in all your travels too!