Saturday, May 9, 2020

We Are Guests

Mother Nature doesn’t need us although we obviously need Her. Entire civilizations have destroyed themselves or been wiped out yet Planet Earth still spins. Perhaps when we realize we are the guests, we will treat our Host with greater reverence.

Worldwide, complaints abound with regard to pesky pigeons,
marauding raccoons and garden pillaging deer. Yet one can only imagine 90% of Gaia’s beautiful creatures’ impression of humanity. I don’t need to prove to you how nature thrives without humans around.
You can’t be on social media without, at least, catching a glimpse of animals having a field day without the usual human activities. Or, perhaps, you have respectfully ventured out in nature and personally experienced the flourishing. Bluer skies, clearer waters, animals, who haven’t seen a humanless space in generations, now frequenting roads and paths. Dolphins joyfully venturing into waters hitherto avoided due to human pollution.

In order to be vibrantly well, humans need to get out in nature, soak up some sun and put their bare feet on the earth. Many people know this first-hand, including indigenous tribes. Even science is finally confirming this now. But can people peacefully coexist with the rest of nature? Thus far the behavior of many is less than stellar in this regard. However, recent global changes have contributed to facilitating a much-needed shift. Many humans are examining their actions and re-evaluating the impact they have on their environment. More are beginning to understand the need for
respect of the earth and responsible human
behavior. This is a glorious time of new beginnings. Imagine how it could look for you and your loved ones. What can you do differently to decrease the residue of past actions harmful to nature? How can you BE in nature more with both You and Gaia better for the interaction? How can you live your life more harmoniously with Great Mother and all her creatures….including humans? You may think this post is a little late for Earth Day. But just imagine – like the Love of Valentine’s Day and Mother's Day – living every day as Earth Day!

With your other new practices, growing your own food could enhance your health along with the well-being of our Host Planet. If you are interested in information about growing at home in your own Tower Garden, I’d be delighted to help facilitate. Other practices could include simply going through your daily life more consciously. This gives you an opportunity to not only to treat the world around you with appreciation, but to give yourself the love and respect you so deserve!

Here’s to a renewed honoring of Gaia and honoring You!