Friday, May 27, 2016

MONEY – NOT The ONLY Currency

While money definitely isn’t the root of all evil, it certainly doesn’t make the world go round.  Since internet presences began (Gee, how many eons ago was that?), I have had 5 or 6 people who were going to assist in monetizing my Universal Wellness website. There are so many stories about why both the efforts that were implemented and the situations that came up keeping others from materializing took place. Basically, over the now decades, none of my marketing efforts have been that effective in generating much money. While it could have been that some of the marketing was “faulty”, it surely wasn’t the case across the board. Instead, my marketing efforts attracted many situations in which I was able to support many folks and make an exceptional difference on this planet….just not make a lot of money doing so.

Although I was never rolling in dough, there was a period of time at least I had enough that most people would consider comfortable. From that place I never could have imagined how I’d be living since 2009…….living without money - or at least not much.

Countless Benefactors worldwide have been housing, feeding, clothing, entertaining and otherwise
providing for me. Deep gratitude goes out to them all daily! This was undeniably a unique calling I answered as I could have easily stayed in one place making “comfortable” money. Over the past 7 years, I have continued helping people in many ways I used to get paid for. Now, I just don’t get paid, for the most part, directly by the people I assist in that manner. At the same time, there is no way I could monetarily pay back all the kind people that have been taking care of me. It is a type of energetic exchange that goes around. Money is energy – just one of the myriad possibilities of an energetic exchange. I have traded goods and services many times with others which I prefer doing whenever possible rather than using money.
An example of which is my time in Ecuador that many of you are aware of from previous posts If I’d Have Known and Really….The Desert?!  There I taught yoga, did massage, assisted with hotel registration, cleaning, food service and other aspects of running a business in exchange for my housing, food, pool, laundry etc.

Back to…. “You May Say I’m A Dreamer, but I’m not the only one!” There are many humans out there who believe and live similarly, in many ways, to me. You may enjoy reading about a few of my friends here and their alternative ways of dwelling on Planet Earth.
Nora Dunn – The Professional Hobo
Colin Turner – Free World Charter
Daniel Suelo
David Morrison – Vagabond Film Maker

My Angel Daughter recently held a yard sale to assist me in my travels. Yes, there are still areas I need actual money. The airlines won’t let me trade my flight in exchange for me bringing drinks, meals and blankets to other passengers. Verizon is too big to see my smile to decide it wants to give me a special deal on my phone. You get the idea. In addition to Natasha’s kindness to me, I know thousands were touched by her generous actions. While we know there are plenty of people who have money that go to yard sales for the fun of the hunt and love finding a great deal, others are not in that position. Many who buy things at yard sales would not be able to have those things, be it clothing, children’s toys or kitchen items, were it not for tag sale prices. At $3 a stuffed bag, lots of folks will be sporting new condition Abercrombie and Fitch, UnderArmor, Victoria’s Secret, Roxy, Volcom and more. Numerous generous individuals were purchasing things for others who could not afford them as well. I can’t even tell you how many supporters contributed to the sale by donating abundant goods of all sorts. As the sale was winding down, my daughter invited charities to pick up things they needed. The dog shelter, autistic kids, and woman in crisis were all aided. Finally, Natasha declared a Very Merry Unbirthday to everyone….or something like that.

She posted the vast remaining items for free to anyone who wished to stop by and get presents. Besides the hundreds of people who physically stopped at the event, you can imagine how the ripple effect of my daughter’s thoughtful endeavor touched thousands or more. You notice, too, that some of it involved the currency we call money while much involved simply the currency of love and kindness.

Again, I am not saying money is in any way bad. The love of, or attachment to, money can get people in trouble but that’s a completely different topic. Money is beneficial in infinite ways and often a convenient method of exchange. I am just proposing the idea that there are many more currencies. Perhaps it could add to many peoples’ freedom to explore some of these alternate energy exchanges and systems. Perhaps you don’t need to stay in a job or career you don’t like just because it “pays well”. There are many resources on the internet to research what I’ve been sharing. If you’d like to explore these ideas with me, I invite you to investigate my service of Wellness Coaching by Phone.
This is one of those services I generally do in exchange for money. However, if you have access to something I could use like website services, travel or accommodations, I’m open to playing with the possibilities!