Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mission Unclear?

Of course my primary underlying life mission is 100% clear. It is to Love……to shine Light….to assist humans in Awakening… help Elevate the vibration of Gaia. From this standpoint I always know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am always in the absolutely perfect place in the absolute perfect Divine time.

What is sometimes unclear to me is the Illusion of things happening around me and what I sometimes think they mean. This happened recently when I thought I was going to Florida to acquire a property for the start of my Tropical Dolphin Retreat. It was a delightful property I had been in love with since

I first set foot on Casey Key, Florida in 2005. It is a charming 4 unit complex right across the street from the beach and on the bay with a place to dock 3 boats in back. I had even managed this lovely spot for vacation rentals back in 2010-2011. A crazy amazing series of events brought me to the point of driving from CA to FL with the main goal (in my mind) to get this property back in June. I had been researching and taking the steps of due diligence for over a month prior. It continued in my initial days in Florida as well. There were quite a number of Earth Angels helping facilitate my adventure throughout all this. I found it interesting that in one short hour the apparent “mission” peaked and fell. A unique way to possibly pull the deal off appeared followed immediately by information that made it clear to me I would not be able to operate as I desired from it. While it would have been nice for the Retreat location to finally be landed, I wasn’t greatly disappointed. This type of thing has happened to me so many times over the past 5 years – getting really close to something happening and then it simply disappearing – I venture to say I am almost used to it.

While I thought the mission was landing the property, that was just a means for me to be in the various “right” places I was supposed to be at the right times. Over and over, events happened that clearly shouted to me, “This is why you are here!”. As has also happened in all the places I’ve traveled before, there were a number of individuals who had a big opportunity for a shift through my presence but who chose to stay asleep or comfortably where they were familiar. It’s all good though as all choices are honored. Everyone is on their own individual journey on this planet of free will with the prerogative to make up their own mind every single second. For me, I celebrated the ways I was able to help and sent love and light to all regardless of their choice at the time.

Since the Tropical Retreat location was no longer imminent, I busied myself planting seeds to see if it was appropriate to return to the area later. I say return as I already committed to drive back to California in the beginning of August. I got back just in time to do a little pre-wedding activity with my daughter. A few days later, I drove, with my parents, to Nevada where the wedding was held. The area held special sentimental meaning for my daughter, Natasha, and her now husband, Neil.   Disney Princess was one of the descriptions for Natasha I heard a few times and she was definitely delighted to be marrying her Prince.
In a black and white affair with accents of Tiffany blue, much merriment was had. I send them much Love and wish them both “Happily Ever After”. Back to the seeds I was planting near Casey Key in Florida….. I am now in another familiar place of not quite knowing what’s next. I have many, what I will call, partial possibilities. There are possibilities of non-traditional places to stay and ways to sustain myself but nothing fully encompassing, conclusive or that gave me a strong indication that I would be coming back soon. There have also been some clues that point to Costa Rica or Panama or ??.

As I have eluded before, the one thing I always, always know for sure is my very next step. This week, I am house-sitting for my daughter in California. Will be interesting to see what next week holds but, for NOW, I am living in the moment, listening to my guidance and being the best me I possibly can. Yes, I am clearly right on target with my “mission”!

Again I wish to thank all of you who have graced my live by following and supporting my journeys. Some are curious, some are inspired, some are here to learn, some are entertained, some wonder how I can pull this all off, some check in to see where in the world I am – whatever category you are in, I appreciate the blessing you are in my life! If we haven’t connected in a while, would love to hear an update from you as well :-)