Friday, July 29, 2016

Putting It Out To The Universe

“God helps those who help themselves.” In keeping with this profound statement, I am putting my request out to the Universe as I look for direction regarding the next chapter of my journey.
I thought I was going to be blogging this month about an exciting development I am looking forward to sharing with you. However, I am waiting until all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. Apparently some involved in this endeavor are on “island time”. Maybe next month.

In the meantime, I am asking Heaven and Earth for guidance, leads and tips. Some of you reading this fall into both categories ;-) As you may remember from my post Baring My Soul and Planting a Dream, I am on a quest to find my special Paradise…..

Walk with me as the sparkling white sand caresses our bare feet, extending for secluded miles in both directions. Bright sunshine warms our skin and we catch a hint of salt on the refreshing sea breeze. Huge thunderheads shapeshift across azuline skies teasing as to whether they will drench us with
a quick shower or not. Look! A pod of friendly dolphins have decided to enchant our day spontaneously putting on a show. We can’t resist entering the warm crystal clear water, turquoise in hue, to join them. Our interaction with our cetacean friends is one of playfulness, bounding joy and deep respect. Finally, coaxing ourselves back on shore, our eyes drink in dense trees entangled in green vines teeming with life.
Regal palm trees occasionally bend toward the ocean and the fragrance of plumeria is intoxicating. Colorful hibiscus and exquisite orchids around the house add to the beauty. Along with the hypnotic crashing of the waves on the beach, there is the constant song of the jungle. Parrots, toucans, monkeys, cicadas and frogs all add their own harmony to the chorus. As evening nears, those magnificent clouds and the humidity they provide, all contribute to the glorious sunset manifesting just for us. It is impossible with human words to describe the infinite kaleidoscope of color keeping us spellbound as the great blazing ball sinks into the sea.
In the soft pastel twilight of the balmy evening, we express gratitude for the loveliness all around in this Tropical Retreat. But wait, there’s more! See the magical glow appearing here and there in the water. Luminescence! Wonders will never cease…..

Sooooo, will you help me get there?! Keep in mind I live mostly by trade of some sort as you may recall in MONEY – NOT the ONLY Currency. Here are thoughts of how you can be – or continue being – part of my Legion of Earth Angels:

* Do you know anyone traveling to a part of the world that sounds like above description who might benefit from having a travel companion?

* Might you have an acquaintance who lives in a similar area of the world that just might host a gypsy for a while? I’d help out in any way I can as I investigate my surroundings.

* Have you personally traveled to (or are in) a location that sounds like this? If so, may I contact you with questions?

* Do you have a blog or newsletter (or a friend who has a blog or newsletter) that you could get me more exposure by sharing this message and possibly reach the “right” person or people?

* Do you have any connections with a publication, in print and/or online, who would want to write about this ongoing saga and pay for it facilitating, or supplementing, my travel?

* You know anyone who has a yacht or large sailboat and wants to explore suitable tropical beaches? Needs to be large enough for me to have a little privacy - no room sharing with someone I just met!

*Are you a writer or know a writer who’d like to partner with me on my story? Maybe even a producer? If you are familiar with Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat Pray Love”….the work would be that kind of “feel”.

* Might you have creative, research, travel or other resources I haven’t mentioned that could be useful in my search?

At this time, I am exceedingly blessed to be in a wonderful mutually supportive and respectful situation. Huge thanks to my Dear Angels making this so. I have a number of leads for “what’s next” but nothing feels for sure appropriate yet. Most of the time I do well living in the moment… enjoying the richness of people and activities in my NOW. Simultaneously, there is that little part in my now that nudges me to reach out and continue My Odyssey.

Big appreciation, as always, for journeying with me!!

P.S. This blog post was inspired by a card I picked from my SELF-CARE CARDS by Cheryl Richardson. It was HELP...."Ask for help ~ Receiving is an act of generosity." I mused about it for days actually wondering who I could ask for help that I hadn't already. Then I was guided to ask all of benevolent readers and Earth Angels. Help.....Please and Thank You!