Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Claircognizant? Clairvoyant? Clairsentient?

Last month I had a conversation with a lady regarding a situation about which I was aware of much. She asked what I “did”. Most folks talking about these specific topics would call themselves Intuitives, Reiki Masters, Readers, Clairvoyant etc. I replied I didn’t have a label for my abilities and what I know. She asked how long I’d been doing “this”?  Since I was born….. It was obvious the woman was having difficulty putting me in a familiar classification box by my answers.

While I’m not big on labels, recently someone “identified” me with one. I guess it’s more useful for me to view them as characteristics or attributes rather than who I AM. So I was, a little jokingly, complaining about my abilities or, more accurately, my lack thereof. Why is it that I know so much information but can’t remember how to use my telepathy (See ANASTASIA and Amazon)? Why can’t I see auras or energy? Why can’t I see a dearly departed over another’s shoulder. Why don’t I “hear” answers to questions I ask? There are numerous individuals who don’t have a fraction of the information I do yet they can “see” and “hear”. (By “information” here, I am referring to things that are not common knowledge or acquired by book learning or school indoctrination.) The whole scenario just made no sense to me.

Pamela Aaralyn is my newly (re)acquainted friend who I met at the in5d conference back in October as I shared in Warm Holidays. Her website reads, “Pamela was born extra-sensory but an encounter with an archangel at age five really opened up her gifts and confirmed to her the path that her life would take. As a clear conduit channel Pamela has direct access beyond the veil. Color and sound play important roles in expanding upon the information she receives.” Putting forth my complaint/query to Pamela, she responded without hesitation, “It is because you are Claircognizant. You just KNOW things.”

Not book learning much of what I “know”, I wasn’t even aware of this word so had to look it up. Claircognizance is “clear knowing”. People who are claircognizant may psychically know a great deal of information all at once, receiving it in a sort of “download” from God(dess), their Spirit Guides, Angels, and/or Higher Self. Claircognizant information may also come in the form of little insights that happen in the moment, or as inspired ideas that pop up just at the right time. Information received claircognizant is most often mentally, accompanied by the strong knowing sense that it is true… despite the lack of any logical or physical evidence. That definitely explains a lot. So many times I just knew things without knowing why or having a good reason to provide someone questioning. This was particularly difficult for me with certain individuals I’d previously attracted into my life who wanted proof for everything….. something I could never provide. It also sheds light on why I was so “successful” coaching a particular clientele. These clients came to me ready, willing and open to learn from the information I was able to impart with them. They pretty much took it and ran with it on their own. Yet with other folks, who I personally really wanted to share certain things, it was a practice in futility. Since much of my information didn’t make sense in traditional thinking, it was cast aside for lack of proof. A few people believed me after something I said took place, but it generally was too late then. Still others treated things that I predicted as just a “coincidence”. After much frustration, I learned mostly to keep what I know to myself. There are a few exceptions. When someone genuinely wants answers and is open to entertaining the ones I have to share I do. The other is a bit more challenging for my ego but I am getting better at it. When I am guided to specifically give someone a certain message I do. I used to brush off this one as it was potentially embarrassing, particularly if it was for a perfect stranger. But once I started there was no going back. One of the first times was in an airport. As guided, I told a lady that (Name) told me to tell her (Message). Tears welled up in her eyes as, unbeknownst to me, (Name) was her recently passed sister and the message, which meant absolutely nothing to me, was significant to her. I don’t always get this kind of confirmation when I share a message or am inspired to take an action. However, it has happened enough times that now I pretty much always comply.

Knowing all that, pun intended, I still don’t feel it’s appropriate to say I’m A Claircognizant. Then lots of people expect you to know everything all the time. It’s not like that for me. I don’t get my information “on demand” much. I must have touches of other psychic senses as well. One might conclude the “download” I received many years ago regarding the Tropical Spa Retreat was a claircognizant message. However in the “vision” of my Tropical Beach Home that began as a sleeping dream, I vividly “see” my lush surroundings. I can “feel” the ocean breeze and the sand beneath my feet. I can “smell” the plumeria and the salt air. Apparently, these are bits of clairvoyance and clairsentience too. You can find both temperate “places” are described in Baring My Soul and Planting a Dream.

Now that you know a little more about my unique abilities, you can imagine how they may assist via my Wellness Coaching by Phone. Do you want to live more fully? Perhaps you have some spiritual abilities yourself you’d like to enhance? With the world going through so many drastic changes, you can’t continue “business as usual” even if you wanted. Perhaps you’d like some assistance in making positive shifts in your own life? Please visit to see if you feel called to some transformational “hand holding”….by phone of course. I wonder how many of the “Clairs” are involved in that?! :-)