Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Technology – Can’t Live With It Can’t Live Without It

Hope your 2019 is off to a fabulous start. Mine has been delightful in some ways and disappointing in others. Of important note - the disappointment was all in the way I imagined events. 

Technology dilemmas have plagued me since I started using it. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve just want to disappear to my junglebeach and forget all about technology. But then I remember to be grateful for all it allows me to do at this time – including being in touch with loved ones. My previous computer, which was happily welcomed into my life as a gift from an Angel Friend, started to have issues shortly after I got it. Technology issues can be particularly difficult to resolve when someone moves around a lot. The amazing team at AXICOM did everything they could then we still ended up sending it back to Dell since it was under their warranty. Dell had it for almost 2 months. When I got it back, it still had problems. However, I didn’t want to deal with them because it was so effortful communicating productively with Dell in the first place and not having my computer at all was worse than having it with the problems. Pages could be written about the saga of my computer but you really don’t want to read about that any more than I want to relive it by writing. Toward the end of last year, Costco came through miraculously for me. In spite of my computer being out of warranty, and all my dealings with their less than satisfactory concierge,

I serendipitously found the magicians in the company who actually granted me a refund. Now, here I am feeling blessed on my new laptop. So that’s a bit about my computer. In an ironic twist, shortly after my previous post My Gypsea Life saying I didn’t desire a smartphone, I acquired one – another long story I’ll spare you of. Mainly, I accepted it because one of my work exchange hosts wanted me to communicate with him via WhatsApp. Usually when I go to another country, I just purchase a simple, inexpensive phone there. Verizon assured me the smartphone was unlocked and I could use it with any other carrier. Turns out it would not work with any carriers in the region. For all practical purposes, I still did not have a smartphone. My work exchange situation was complex – as have been many in the past. I wasn’t in the location I anticipated and the work not quite as described….or particularly respectful. The only internet I had access to turned out to be a known spammer IP which compromised my computer. This resulted in my email being hacked over and over thus preventing me from accessing my main email. Had a couple other technological issues as well but you get the point. Again, a big shout out to all my bright Technology Angels, including AXICOM and Thinking2, who remotely held my hand to help get me through these experiences!

Time after time, I get the feeling that the technology will never work for me and want to do away with it. Some might also tell you stories of what technology does in my presence. Then, I realize it’s important for my mission at this time. This is a perfect opportunity to Let Go and Let God (or whatever name you prefer for the Divine). I do the best I can and release the outcome. I know all that presents itself in my life is here to serve me and the Higher Good. The more I accept this and be in peace with it, the more powerful my energy is to assist others on this planet and beyond. Yes, some days are easier to put remembrance into practice than others. Now and then I have to have a little pep talk with myself. You’ve heard of the Dark Night of the Soul.

Much of 2018 was a Dark Year for my Soul. Granted, it was still full of love, miracles and blessings at every turn. However, the pep talks I had to give myself were on an almost continuous basis. Life can be like that. We all have challenges to face. They are as big as we allow them to be or see them to be. Conversely, they are as small as we allow grace to help us view them. It’s not a matter of right or wrong. It is just our experience and the choices we play with. 

How about you? Do you have challenges you seem to have to face over and over again? How do you choose to experience them? Is there a way you can embrace the situations thus experiencing them more “lightly”? I do not judge you and encourage you not to judge yourself. Rather acknowledge you are doing the best you can and consciously make the highest choice you can in each moment.