Monday, April 4, 2022

New Attitudes ~ New Beginnings

Down The Rabbit Hole
Happy April All!
Allowed myself to skip putting out a March blog, although words were already flowing for it. It just didn’t feel peaceful. More and more, I am tuning in to my intuition even though it seems more and more contrary to conventional thinking. I am doing my best to take the action for the highest good of all….and that includes myself. Each and every one of us are part of God and, I believe, if we treat ourselves and others that way, the world will be a brighter “godlier” place. Perhaps this is a new concept for you? What might happen if you tried this on for a bit? Could a new attitude help brighten your own world?

Spring, which the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing, often signals new beginnings. The Southern half of the globe is experiencing Autumn – still reminding us everything on planet earth has cycles. As frequently reflected, we can start a new beginning any day…. any moment. But sometimes the changing seasons can help support that more powerfully. It can also serve to remind us that nothing, in this physical reality, lasts forever. There are cycles – of growth, life, emotions… The Master is one who not only creates the waves but rides them expertly. Of course, you may choose just to relax a bit in a hammock between waves....or just create little waves πŸ˜‰. 

The Hope Egg

Bunnies, Eggs, and Angels are often associated with Easter and Springtime. Was going to suggest eggs symbolize new beginnings but that must be the same for bunnies as new beginnings are manifested very frequently with them πŸ˜‰ 

Infinity Bunny Magnet

Bunny Princess Magnet

Shell Angels

Included are some pieces of Clamshell Seascape Art as they would make a beautiful, unique find in an Easter hunt. Please ask for details (or more pics) if you are interested in any of my enchanting Gifts From The Sea creations for you or your Loved Ones.

Wishing You and Your Loved Ones a wonderful day, fresh new perspectives and many happy moments ~

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Love Day Love Month Love Year

Of course I
had to send you a loving greeting in February – a month in which so many humans are focused on Love. As mentioned previously, I have some serious legit reasons not to like February 14th yet I still do. Although Valentine’s Day is a bit of a “Hallmark” holiday, it is still quite powerful. Why? Because energy makes the world go ‘round. Because of the Holiday of Love, the marketing and the traditions associated with such, more people than usual are focused on Love. The energy, or vibration thereof, increases the “Light” on the planet exponentially. Of course, it would be DeLightFull if people held that level of Love daily, bit it’s a start. Soooo…..I unabashedly continue to take advantage of Love Day, and all its trappings, to help raise the consciousness of humanity. Perhaps you’d like to participate in this sweet endeavor with me? Even those of you who shun Valentine’s Day for its commercialism or the fact that you don’t have exactly what or who you want to celebrate the occasion with?

Last month, I was conversing with a dear friend and previous client, Tobey Dodge, whose infinite skills cannot be adequately mentioned here. For many years, she was a wedding (my own included) and event planner/coordinator extraordinaire. Then she created on online platform which connected couples and service providers - "The Wedding Connection". Tobey also authored “The Other Side Of The Aisle:Reflections on Life, Love, and the Business of Brides” which can be acquired on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. In it, she shares the ups and downs of her own wedding day and her family’s entrepreneurial history - how her family values and experiences landed her on that journey into the “business of brides”. She shares insights with frankness; weaving in her life experiences that drove the engine to find happiness and balance in her life. The second part of the book recalls wedding stories with a twist, lesson, or inspiration.
With her recent purchase of my Hearts of the Sea, she made some wonderful suggestions. Tobey thinks my heart shaped shells, rocks, coral and such are perfect gifts for all ages and genders. You could order the hearts individually, in little silken pouches, so someone could hang it from a bedpost or place in a drawer or hanging among clothes in a closet as a reminder of the love someone sent to the receiver of the heart. This sweet Love Charm could also act as a good night kiss from a loved one far away. If desired, a love note could be added from the sender. These make delightful gifts for all occasions including, “Thinking of You”, “Thank You” and “I Love You”. Thanks so much Tobey for these ideas!! Now you, Dear Reader, please let me know if this is something you are interested in. I would love to help facilitate sending these beautiful expressions of your Love to your Loved Ones.

In addition to the many Hearts of the Sea presented last month, here are a few more for your enjoyment and perhaps to acquire. btw, you can enjoy more "treasures" in Etsy and Poshmark if that's your pleasure.

Slipping In A Little St Patty's Day HeArt

And, for those of you looking for a sign of Love, here is your sign! If you want something sent to you or someone you love, please CONTACT asap!

Swirling the Love with You for Love Day, Love Month and, hopefully, the whole Year through! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Friday, January 7, 2022

Peace and Love in 2022

Happy New Year All!! Hoping you have danced into 2022 with a fresh outlook on life - letting go of any baggage from 2021 while retaining the beauty and magic it brought as well. For me, this is an ongoing process every single day. Perhaps for you too?

My Holidays were a bit hectic although happy and mostly peaceful. If I were more evolved, they would have been completely peaceful. Being human is definitely entertaining at times. I know what I need to do to be peaceful, and how wonderful it feels to be in that place yet still, I have my moments! It is an enchanting space BEing the Eye of the Storm. It is even more magnificent to be able to guide others to that place of peace as well. This isn’t necessarily done by preaching. Often simply walking the walk is enough. BEing an example of Peace sometimes makes people wonder what you are up to as well 😊 St. Francis of Assisi was a beautiful example of BEing an Instrument of God’s Peace. (You may wish to look up St. Francis' Peace Prayer if not familiar.) Although, keep in mind, we are all individuals for a reason. Each of us will find our own path of peace and share it with others in our own unique ways.

One of the ways I help spread Peace and Love is with my Valentines aka Hearts of the Sea ~ Rocks, Shells, Coral, Sea Glass - even Shark Teeth and Bone have all been patiently hewn by Nature shaping them into the symbols of Love they have become. Some embellished - others totally in their natural state.  They make lovely Valentines or “Just Thinking of You” gifts. Perhaps a sweet beachy touch to your own Valentine’s Day dΓ©cor. A few have hangers but most just sit pretty or fit nicely in a pocket. The smooth ones even make great “soothing stones” (not to be confused with “worry stones”). Some can even be personalized if we coordinate soon enough. Pictured here are only some of the Love creations available. Contact me with your interest. Let me know if you are interested in mostly tiny ones, mostly embellished ones, all natural ones, ones that can be customized/personalized etc. and I will do my best to accommodate – hopefully in time for Valentine’s Day although the gift of Love is delightful all year through.

Something that has contributed to my peace is manifesting gorgeous conditions in which I personally thrive more. Thankfully, I have my tropical sand, sea and sunshine. This makes it easier for me to maintain my peace and be a peaceful force for others. Peaceful force? Kinda sounds like an oxymoron huh? But never underestimate the power of Peace and Love in all aspects of life. The more I get this, the more I get to experience Heaven on Earth. Can you feel it too? What can you do today to brighten your world?

Keeping this short and sweet as I wish you all a 2022 full of Peace and Love. If you have that, everything else will fall into perfect place. Namaste ~