Wednesday, April 7, 2021

I’m Gone…And Then I Am Not Gone!

What inspired this blog post was something I shared on fb. Or rather, a comment it provoked. Mine was, “Physically, I’m on earth, mentally I’m in the galaxies, and spiritually, I’m in a whole other dimension” (by Unknown muses from a mystic). The comment was, “Too bad. The work needed takes place here, in your body on this earth.”

When I was very young, I listened to stories on records - LPs, Licorice Pizza, you know the black round discs – over and over again. I can still hear Merlin’s sing-song voice taunting, “I’m gaaaone……. And then I am not gone!” as he battled Mad Madam Mim in a magical duel. At that point, he’d made himself invisible. The line kinda reflects me too. I am in this world but not of it. I spend much of my time alone and often in nature. On rare occasion, I spend time with people, in brief interludes, but then I return to my solitude. I do not live in the world most people do. I do not subscribe to the beliefs and experiences most people have. That is not my reality. Yes, this is totally by choice – I will choose free will! Some would say I am an ostrich with my head in the sand pretending. Just to clarify… is actually my toes
Black Diamond Sand in Hawaii
that are in the sand – very regularly. As far as pretending, I am seeing the world in its highest possibility. I am also doing what it takes to keep myself in my highest state possible. I choose not to play when people want to draw me into their fear and drama. If they wish to find things to appreciate and
enhance their world… that’s a horse of a different color! A while back I learned that when I spend time alone (of course I am never really alone but will use that term for example), I can reach greater positive energetic heights. This is particularly true out in nature – for me, it has to be tropical nature! Coming from this higher or more expanded state, my ripple effect helps lift others up whether I interact with them on the physical plane or in some other dimensional manner. And when I do have in person encounters, those interactions are of a higher quality due to “where I am coming from”.

I love this quote from Alan Cohen. “Wouldn't it be powerful if you fell in love with yourself so deeply that you would do just about anything if you knew it would make you happy? This is precisely how much life loves you and wants you to nurture yourself. The deeper you love yourself, the more the universe will affirm your worth. Then you can enjoy a lifelong love affair that brings you the richest fulfillment from inside out.” So many humans have been taught and treated the opposite of this sentiment which is part of the reason much of the world is currently the way it is. If more people loved themselves and treated themselves with respect, it would be A Whole New World. A person who loves and respects themselves will automatically love and respect others. Then again, don’t confuse love and respect for doing whatever others want. It is not anyone else’s job to make you happy (or for you to make them happy). That is an inside job.

Art by Daniel Holeman

On a related note, regarding the benefits of solitude – people’s energetic presence can be powerfully positive or just as powerfully negative. Just ask any empath you know. Some people aren’t even aware of their own empathic tendencies. Sometimes they feel, after being around certain individuals - they feel uplifted or they feel drained. That’s empathically relating to, or absorbing, others' energy. There are ways to minimize that for sensitive souls that are overwhelmed by this. One way is to maintain the individually appropriate balance between being out with others and time spent in one’s own company.

Nikola Tesla said, “Be alone, that is the secret of invention. Be alone, that is where ideas are born,” And Albert Einstein, “Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your life worth living.” I’m not suggesting everyone become hermits – although it certainly may be appropriate for some. But perhaps, you would benefit from allowing yourself a bit of solitude here and there. Maybe you are due for a retreat from being pulled in many worldly directions. A retreat from the demands of your daily life. A sacred time to reconnect with what and who you are.

Speaking of who you are. Everything, and everyone, is energy. If you are interested in energetics and sustainable energy, you may enjoy this video with some positive trends in this area. Cleaner energy and water too! I realize some of these ideas have been around for a while but they are more widely being put into use now. It also mentions vertical gardens. In the meantime, before this trend of the future becomes more common place, you can get your own Tower Garden going with resources here.

I, for one, am feeling gratitude for all the beauty of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. Creatures all around are twitterpated and starting new families. If you didn’t catch my previous post, please check out the sweet Bird Family figurines I have for sale. The Hope Egg is fitting now too – for so many reasons. Another Gift From The Sea recently offered is a beautiful Square Apothecary Jar of Citrine/Amber Quartz. Contact for details.

You know, from my previous accounts, I am often alone. However, part of my “mission” on Mother Earth IS being with people. Specific people. Special people I have soul connections and contracts with. Among those close to my heart, is an extension of my ohana in Hawaii. I met, or re-met, lovely Lokelani and her two precious daughters, Ruby and Lily, in 2017. I thought I was going to be assisting another family when a strange turn of events brought us blessedly together. And now, Ruby has a huge opportunity to follow her dreams in a special summer camp in Florida. Of course, her mom and sister would travel with her. That will require a significant amount of money. This opportunity would really make a huge, positive difference for all of them. If you feel so inspired, please support as you can via Mahalo!

You may wonder why Ruby’s picture is at the top of this post. The short answer is technological reasons. When I share this post, it automatically features whatever the first picture is I’ve included. I used to be able to choose but not anymore. There might be another way of putting up the photo I’d like but, at the moment, I do not have the technological savvy. Still a bit uncertain too with the mailchimp platform. It didn’t “like” a number of the emails transferred and just decided not to include them. It wasn't able to "successfully deliver" dozens. Also, in the past I’d get a "please remove" request once in a blue moon. Immediately after the initial send from mailchimp, 6 recipients unsubscribed. Maybe they didn’t recognize me coming from a new platform. I don’t know but it brings me back to TRUST! Trusting I will be guided to continue if my musings are helpful to others. Trusting each message will reach the right people at the right time. Trusting there is a higher purpose for everything and things are not always as they seem.
Thanks so much for being part of this interesting journey with me! Abundant blessings in your world too 💖

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

A Wee Bit of Magic? It’s Elemental!

Magic and enchantments dazzle this month
complete with divas, fairies, leprechauns and other elementals. Some celebrate St. Patty’s Day. Some revere the Equinox be it Vernal or Autumnal depending on where in the world you are.  Maybe you even remember Theodore Geisel’s Birthday in appreciation for all the joy Dr Seuss continues to bring to children of all ages. I also have a GrandPuppy, Hero, who celebrates his 4th birthday this March. Whatever you choose to enjoy, I continue to urge you to celebrate. Celebrations generally mean joy (perhaps with a little Irish jig). Joy enhances our health and well-being- spiritual, mental and physical.

Speaking of well-Being, I’ve shared before about Simbi – an exchange platform I belong to. There I “met” and received a fascinating reading from Cindy Welch, or Cece Tarot , as she is known there. Since her style was particularly interesting to me, I looked into her offerings a bit more. I found, not surprisingly, she’d authored an enchanting novel called The Mists of Tir Na Nog. These days I am guided to read vary few books – a story perhaps for another time. I was enthralled by the twists and turns of the story; finding interesting co-relations in my own personal tale. If magic, wizards and fairies pique your interest, you may also find The Mists of Tir Na Nog to be a real page turner – or finger swiper as I read it on Kindle. You can find The Mists of Tir Na Nog on amazon 

In addition to my Beach Art, I am sometimes gifted with items to sell to help support myself and brighten the lives of others. With the arrival of Spring, birth and rebirth can be found all around. This darling, realistic looking Bird Family seems very appropriate for Springtime although charming year round. Note the Mother doting over her two new babies as she waits for one more egg to hatch. Proud Papa keeps a watchful eye over the family from afar. 

Another new offering is this Cobalt Glass Fish...........

Perhaps more appropriate for the “green thing” is the Chartreuse Fish – although it’s not quite the proper Kelly Green. Perhaps you can imagine it swimming around in the shamrock seaweed 😉  Other Gifts From The Sea are offered on etsy and fb. Please Contact with your interest. 🐬

With a little bit of luck 🍀, and help from wonderful Rob at Thinking2, I am announcing this blog post from a new service – mailchimp. If you are seeing this blog via an announcement other than blogger or mailchimp and wish to be on this mailing list, please let me know! This is another new experience for me. The results going forward are anyone’s guess. But grateful to connect again, one more time, for those meant to feel this connection. Thank you 🙏 for your love 💖 and support and gracing my world with your presence/presents!

Monday, February 1, 2021

Love Always…Technology Occasionally

Those who know me well, also know Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. I must add - as if we need a holiday to celebrate Love! For me, when one is focusing on Love, they are in the most wonderful moment, dimension or space. Delightfully, it can be repeated and lived eternally – or, at least, as long as we can keep our conscious intention focused.

While doing my best to come from a place of love, today I report a bit about my relationship with technology. As long as technology has been available, I’ve had tech “issues”. When the internet first came to be, I just “had to” have an aol account to be in business. Then I “had to” have a website. Of course, the obligatory newsletter was not far behind. Then followed the social media explosion starting with Myspace. While I admit to dragging my feet the whole way – not thrilled with it at all, I did my best to learn so I could be the most professional and successful in my wellness business. Some knew me back then, when my company name and logo – yes, one’s logo

absolutely defined their business! – was Fit Bodies. (Long before facebook, FB to me meant Fit Bodies!) Very quickly, my practice expanded to encompass so much more than my clients’ bodies. Dancing with the balance and integration of body, mind, spirit and beyond, Fit Bodies evolved into UniversalWellness.  (Thanks Russ and Julie at JRP Productions Graphic Design for my current gorgeous lotus logo!) 
I used technology to market, to create a book, for bookkeeping and huge (for me) database maintenance among other things. In spite of my best efforts, as soon as I learned something and began integrating it acceptably in my work, the hardware or software changed. This forced me, should I wish to keep up with what was “necessary to succeed in business”, to spend more money each time. Needless to say, I’d have to learn the new format again as well since it generally didn’t behave like its predecessor. I loved working with my clients and teaching classes but the rest of the running the business stuff was constantly challenging. However, I battled on bravely. Why? Because I loved
my clients….and so I could provide the best life possible for my precious children. Unlike in days of old, things – especially all those tech – aren’t made to last. With every new computer I got, I was required to pay all over again for software I’d already spent hundreds of dollars on. But even paying the ransom didn’t prevent losing valuable information and abilities from the older version each time.

My move from CA to FL in 2006 was just the beginning of huge waves of change sweeping over my life. The incredible magicians at Axicom continued to assist me in keeping my database and other things important on my computer(s) for years. This was particularly tricky with my life transforming to gypsy living and mostly by trade. Obviously, hardware and software companies won’t exchange their products for wellness coaching and
such. The Axicom Angels helped me rescue remnants of my previously extensive database (around 2,000 contacts) but I finally lost complete use of the ACT software a few years ago. Same thing has been happening with my website for over a decade. I went from working diligently to maintain the content and mailing list and then… Over the years, I was able to do less and less with regard to modifying existing content and adding new information. This was in spite of my web guy doing everything he could for me in the ever-changing tech world.  It finally came down to me basically keeping the website for the presence, a reference for older information and a portal through which I sent out an announcement for new blog posts to the wonderful folks on my personally cultivated emailing list. Since last year, it has been getting shut down with each announcement. The mysterious cause was finally discovered, when it again occurred in January 2021. Sending out a message “only” once a month was seen as “not normal” (then again, what about me is?) and was getting flagged for sending out spam. Evidently the “service” cannot take into consideration individual account needs so I am left with some big questions of how to proceed from here.

A few close ones know it would be easier for me to disappear in some tropical location with virtually no technology. I have seriously been tempted to go that route a number of times over the past decade. Each time, I have regrouped and found a way to hold on...until the Universe shows me otherwise.

I am not even sure how this blog post will be adequately announced now that I cannot do so through my website emailing “service”. The January announcement only went out to maybe half the list before it got shut down. So many times, I have seriously considered just

quitting writing this too… And I do so again now. One of the big reasons it has gone on this long is for Love – it’s definitely not for money! Heartfelt feedback I’ve regularly received has reminded me of the bright difference it has made. And so, at least for this month, I lovingly share this post with you. I trust I will be guided appropriately – on so many levels – on what actions to take for next month. It’s still…one day at a time and sometimes even, one moment at a time. One moment to make a conscious choice to make the best decision possible from a place of Love.

This post drastically evolved into a very different communication than I envisioned for my sparkling Love post. For the moment, I trust this particular message reaches just the right people at exactly the right time.

If you so choose, you can “follow” me on Blogger and you will get notified of any new posts even if I no longer have an emailing list. You have to have an account (which is easy to sign up for) and you don’t have to be active.

Changing gears but still with Love….

I enjoy recommending dear friends and their products and services when appropriate. Often the topic of love goes “hand in hand” with romance. My very talented (and spiritually aware) friend, Peter Simon, has created a Romance Novel Class – for writing one, that is. A complete and detailed guide and, it’s FREE! I know, what a novel idea! 
If you visit his fb profile, be sure to check out “Details About Peter” in his About section. Pretty fantastic! Those details can also be found on amazon as well as his book Context that I couldn’t stop reading once I started. And that’s available on Kindle for ONLY .99! Note:This isn’t a story to go into lightly. This isn’t a tale for those expecting the familiar. This is a book for readers that want more in their entertainment.” The trailer for Context can be found on youtube Naturally, it too involves
lovers, as appropriate for my Valentine post….. “
It begins here. This book consists of a collection of letters written by two lovers. Lovers who must wrestle to retain love as they endure the pinnacle of strife. Only read these letters if you believe yourself ready to learn the answers that only Story can provide. Of course you are already prepared to walk across the surface of alien worlds. Obviously, you are prepared to read a tale of love, wilderness, war and despair. But, are you ready to venture through the ultimate Unknowns? Are you ready to invest yourself in a tale that may forever change you? It begins here. Open this book if you are ready to begin again.”

Last year, I offered, for Valentine’s 
Day/Month, Hearts of the Sea. Images show a few of the many hearts nature and I lovingly co-created. Although all pictured have moved on to loving owners, for a limited time, custom orders are available. Of course, none will look exactly as those pictured. As with people, no two are exactly alike. 
                                     Please contact asap with your interest….

I wish I could wrap this up with......and they all lived happily ever after. But I realize, for me, I can only be happily in this moment. So, in this moment of love and joy, I swirl its essence to you in whatever moment you are reading this. Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for the Light You Are in My Life! Happy Valentine's Day! 
Happy Love Moment!