Saturday, July 26, 2014

What Used To Be An Insult……

…..actually holds a lot of Truth. For decades people, who have gone to doctors with very real feeling

Here are some beliefs among folks I’ve encountered. Do you recognize any as true for you? “I always get a cold when the weather changes. I get the flu whenever it goes around. If I am around children a lot, I will automatically pick up whatever germs they bring along. If I drink from someone’s cup who has a cold (flu or whatever), I will get it too. It takes “X” amount of time to recover from this injury/ailment.”

What was that story about a little boy who was supposedly terminally crippled/sickly and was always kept in bed and treated as such? Then his bright little cousin who didn’t buy into that concept ended up living in the same house? Ah yes, the Secret Garden!
She brought him out into the sunshine to experience life. Lo and behold, he got stronger and stronger, no longer that sickly little boy. All because of her belief that she was able to share with him.

How many people believe that they will be cursed by the Goddess Pele if they take coral from Hawaii? Then, of course, something “bad” happens that they totally attribute to the curse causing some to even return the coral. Then, of course, there are all the myriad variations of walking under a ladder, a black cat crossing their path, the number 13, a cracked mirror…..

More and more people now are starting to “get” this concept but mostly with thoughts and beliefs they are aware of. Often the most powerful, life driving beliefs are those held subconsciously that they are not even aware of. Deepak Chopra speaks it profoundly, “Now I realize that it isn’t the miracle that creates the believer. Instead, we are all believers. We believe that the illusion of the material world is completely real. That belief is our only prison. It prevents us from making the journey into the unknown.”

It’s not that what we believe in is not real. In fact, our very belief makes it so. Of course, it gets a bit more complicated for some when they say, “I would have never wanted to create this or that. Or, “I want this (fill in the blank) and I believe it but it doesn’t happen. Yes, this discourse can go on and on for chapters and books and centuries…and it has!
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gina’s Hug Seat

As many of you are aware, I had an exciting opportunity on Casey Key FL which might have turned out to be the humble beginning of my Tropical Dolphin Retreat.  I am actively looking for investors or financial partners to enable this reality to birth. In my efforts to do so, I have contacted over 1,000 people in my efforts to make the appropriate connections. Although I have not reached everyone yet I’ve desired, due to lack of long enough internet connection, I was able to send messages to a number of my Friends on FaceBook. This is how I was graced with a wonderful response from Gina Gaudio-Graves.
She asked me a little more about my project, connected me to a couple powerful like-minded people and invited me to schedule a telephone meeting with her. I was thrilled and grateful for her offer and so valued out phone time together. In addition to sharing some of my situation and goals, I learned about Gina’s personal story. Talk about someone who has defied all odds and doctor’s prognosis of only having 12 months to live! Gina’s thriving presence on this planet is a testimonial to her tenacity after a potentially devastating car accident and choosing to shift adversity into thriving health and prosperity. During our conversation, Gina recommended I get to know a couple people that had similarities to me. Dale Smith is the owner of Cabins of Birch Hollow in Kentucky. It is a delightful place to visit for a retreat, family gathering or beautiful vacation in nature. The cabin are also an excellent opportunity for folks with 1031 exchange money to invest. Cynthia Gardner O’Neill is the driving force behind . She leads workshops and retreats as well as providing many resources for heart-centered living. Simply visiting her website is an inspiring, uplifting experience. Gina also told me about a business building program she offers through Directions University a successful business training company she leads with business partner Jack Humphrey. As part of this program, she hosts a weekly call focusing on a specific person and their business in the Hug Seat.
That’s right, it’s Hug Seat, not Hot Seat as I am beginning sense something of an enlightened slant here. Gina generously invites me to be in her Hug Seat. Initially I have misgivings as I feel my situation is too unique and I think where I am and want to be may be too far off for the purpose of this forum. I tell Gina that I wouldn’t be able to commit for the next 3 weeks as I will be in Hawaii. To which she responds, “That’s perfect as I already have the next 3 weeks book. The next availability is June 4.” I am a person who pays attention to signs and walks through peaceful doors. I accepted telling her I will accept this gift as that is my birthday. Then she tells me her birthday is the next day and the same year. Essentially we were born almost energetically at the same time. 

As you may have read in my previous blog, I had a magnificent Hawaiian trip. Still buzzing with that dynamic and the excitement of my birthweek, I looked forward to our call with great anticipation. I did not get a chance to listen to the recordings of any previous calls so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. The only thing that was a given is that I would contribute as much as I would receive. Evidently I presented my “story” well as there was some mention of such. The other participants on the call got to benefit from my story as comments given to me applied to them too. I was joyfully overwhelmed with the generous ideas, resources and recommendations offered to me by both Gina, Jack and the other participants on the call.

In the conversation I got to “meet” a number of new friends and potential business compliments. Cher Fauvel is another shining example of someone choosing her own life path in spite of the odds. Through Cher guides people in ways to achieve vibrant health and optimum energy via raw foods. Does the Coastal Life resonate with you? You’ll probably enjoy the offerings of Trish Samson via . V Lynn Hawkins offers business coaching and consulting through She expertly provides growth strategies, funding, coaching and consulting for business owners.

I expressed my knowledge and expertise of many different (and necessary) business aspects. At the same time I shared that just because I am good at something, doesn’t mean it is good for my soul to be participating in these activities. So again the topic arose of potentially partnering with someone. If you, or someone you know, loves accounting, marketing, is technology savvy and would be open to discussing a partnership for my Tropical Dolphin Spa Retreat, please let me know

Excitement, resonance, hope, and appreciation were all waves washing over me in the process of Gina’s gift of this call. There were no immediate obvious life changing actions to take as a result of this opportunity but many baby steps. Again, there was that immense feeling of confirmation of being in exactly the right place at the exact right time even without all the clear “why’s” of it all.

Huge thank you Gina and all you new beloveds that I am now blessed to be in contact with! I am grateful for the part you are playing in this magnificent journey of life on this planet. Of course, I am in deep appreciation for all my old (yes, we go way back) friends that continue to support and dance together after all these years.

Stay tuned for the next development in my adventures coming soon and stay well. If you could use assistance in this area, I am currently available for Telephone Wellness Coaching and still providing one of the best nutritional support systems available….Juice Plus