Sunday, October 4, 2020

Behind That Mask

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Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players…”. Quite profound when you think about it. We are all actors starring in our own play – the story of our lives. You might say we keep changing our masks as we play child, parent, student, teacher, musician, scientist….

Right at this moment, most people wear a mask around others. Who is behind that mask? Is there an abandoned child? A scared victim? A guild-ridden individual? An angry or disappointed person? Is your countenance so placid, a person walking unconsciously by wouldn’t notice the joy you carry within? Perhaps you sport a smile so contagious one would have to struggle not to return it? Whatever appearance we are wearing on the outside, doubtless it conceals numerous layers beneath.

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I’m not suggesting you should wear your heart on your sleeve or let everyone you encounter privy to all the details of your life. There is only one person for whom all those details are important. There is only one person who needs to be aware of what is fully behind that mask. That person is You! The challenge is when you have been wearing a mask so long for others, that you bury your true feelings from yourself – believing the mask is who you are.

Some make a daily practice of weighing in on how you feel. You make choices taking stock of your inner state and needs as well as logic. Congratulations. You are more attuned with what lies within you than most. Generations have been conditioned to follow orders with no regard to how they feel. Many have lived believing everyone else’s needs came before theirs – even if it meant their needs never, or rarely, got met. These situations are so “normal”, they don’t even realize they are wearing a mask. They hardly know who they really are deep inside. Wherever you are on the scale of tuning in or tuning out, perhaps this message will serve as the invitation for you to go deeper. To ask yourself who you are and who you want to be in this life. Set aside some quiet time just for you to contemplate how to BE more authentically YOU. 

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Continuous Appreciation and Blessings to brighten your day.....Namaste ~