Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Surprises and Celebrations

My daughter knew of my plans as I prepared for the drive almost coast to coast. My son did not. Intentionally I’d kept the info from him intending to surprise him for his birthday in April. I made the Florida to California trek in 36 hours only to sit for another 5 in stop and crawl California traffic. Managed to keep my being in the same state (sometimes in the same city) a secret from him for a few days. Jeff’s big day came. My daughter, Natasha, arrived on his doorstep for his celebration. Standing off to the side, just out of view, the presence of another person could be detected by the colorful balloon bouquet I carried. Jeff opened the door enthusiastically greeting Natasha. Giving me a preliminary glance, he then turned back to Natasha. Me being there just didn’t quite compute in his brain for a second. Then his face changed as he looked back. Incredulously, he said, “Mom! You’re supposed to be in Florida!” He wrapped me in one of the warmest, heartfelt hugs ever. We will both definitely remember that happy birthday forever.

Many angels facilitated the possibility for me to pull off yet another extremely unlikely surprise. It wasn’t unlikely that I’d want to help my sister (aka Lue, Seal, Lucy, Sis…..) celebrate her big 60th birthday. The unexpected part, for those who know me a bit more, is that I would brave visiting the state she resides, Washington. There are quite a few reasons it is on my least desirable places to travel in the world list - which will remain unstated here. My niece Annie, unbeknownst to my sister, picked me up at the airport and harbored me overnight. The next day I accompanied her family on the drive to the Olympic Peninsula where my sis lives. The rest of the extended family were already there, Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister-in-Law, and various Nieces and Nephews. I jumped out of the minivan to the side of the house. All came out to greet the newcomers as everyone knew what was up except my sister. As she came out, Annie grabbed her in a bear hug turning Lucy’s back to me. I hurried up behind putting my hands over her eyes. She felt my hands guessing my great-niece, Kaeli. Knowing she’d never figure it was me, I removed my hands and she turned around. The look on her face was priceless as she started screaming in disbelief. I was actually a bit concerned for a few moments that I’d have to catch her as she appeared to be in shock. The surprise was a super success as well as the weeks after I got to enjoy with her and my sweet nephew. Big thank you again to all who helped facilitate this memorable event!

Back in California in time for my enchanted birthday 6/4/64 6:46, I was showered with an abundance of surprises, gifts, love and well wishes. Read about prior Birthday Magic in ALOHA Everyone couldn’t get together at the same time so I've just had an ongoing stream of celebration. Got to spend a full day with Natasha getting pampered and having fun. Enjoyed heart-warming time with Jeffrey which included seeing a movie on my wish list, Wonder Woman. He even had chocolate molten lava cake with French vanilla ice cream delivered to me during the movie. More happiness was had with my parents who treated me to a delicious dinner and a napolean pastry “cake”. So many friends and family honored me with cheerful calls, texts, emails, cards and more. I am always awed by the fact that you even remember knowing how busy and full your lives are too. Huge thank you all!! Of course, as is tradition in our family, I’m still celebrating as we do as long as we can 😉

In my past life in California (as a semi-normal person), I used to be quite organized and always remembered birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions of family, friends and clients. It was typical to have 3-5 greeting cards going out, on any given day, in my mailbox in acknowledgement of such. I loved the opportunity to be a small part of each loved one’s celebration. Over the years my life changed drastically. I got to the point that I could no longer send cards due to my gypsy life. I did my best via email but many folks didn’t have email or the email addresses I had became obsolete. Over time, with so many computer issues, my database was compromised (do you hear that Sage ACT?) and I’ve never been able to restore it to its former functionality. Additionally, the fact that I keep making hundreds of more friends over time makes it pretty impossible to remember special occasions as I’d might like. Facebook helps me a little and my memory serves me a tad. I’ve resigned myself to the reality that I’ll never be able to keep in touch as I used to again. While this could be disappointing for me, I am reassured with the knowing that I make all the perfect connections in the perfect time. This allows me to let go of the feelings of disappointment or regret. It is delightful when I happen to be with someone to celebrate a happy occasion in their life. I also appreciate all the people who are serendipitously with me for the wonderful events I wish to celebrate in mine. Since I may not be able to remember or greet you on your birthday personally, please consider yourself blessed and showered upon with festive energies. And, unless your birthday happens to fall on this day (the day you happen to be reading now), here’s wishing a Very Merry Unbirthday to YOU!!
Remember, every day is a new day and brings infinite causes for celebration….

As you may know from previous writings, I prefer to live via trade other than money. However, there are still areas where money is needed occasionally such as phone bills and airfares. Trade is an energetic exchange and similar to Karma at times. In other words, there isn’t always an even exchange between two parties.

More often than not, we put good out into the world via our words, thoughts and actions and that’s what swirls back to us. If you've ever been inspired, motivated, intrigued or entertained by my messages and wish to assist in them continuing, I gratefully welcome any financial contributions you would like to gift. This can be done in a variety of ways. Please ask for an address if you wish to mail a check or money order the old fashion way. If we know each other well, a bank deposit could work too. Otherwise, you can use my paypal account. The down side is not all you give gets to me. The bonus for you with this method is that you can use your credit card and earn rewards or miles for your own adventures. Whether you feel inclined to contribute financially or not, your loving presence on my journey is an ever-constant source of joy.

Here's to Surprises and Celebrations! And many more,,,,,