Sunday, January 6, 2013

Everything Happens for a Reason…..

Those words are so cliché now they seem almost trite.  But the concept is actually very profound.  Hard to believe there was a time in my life that was so negative but I did actually have a brief stint of pessimism.  Yes, and during that time I actually followed the title with…..and that reason is just to mess with me.  That was also the time that I thought the light at the end of the tunnel was a train.  Thankfully I moved through that period relatively quickly.  Since I still didn’t understand the reasons for most things, in my transition, I changed the ending of the phase so it went, “Everything happens for a reason and that reason positively serves me.”  For a long time I moved forward with heavy duty faith and trust.  As I have evolved over the years, I remembered how to access certain aspects of myself, including my connection to my God-Self, which enable me to know many of the “reasons” now.  True, faith and trust are still an ongoing necessity for my peace and progression.  I’m guessing, if you think about it, you too have many moments of understanding the “whys” as well.  Keep in mind it is not always necessary to know but sometimes, as humans, we like to know.  The knowledge can also help us with our next choices or steps in life.
Beware that we may not like the all the whys.  The knowing can bring discomfort…..if we allow it.  This is sometimes what I experience and then have to be extremely vigilant for my peace.  The focus of this blog is to share with you just one of those situations.  Last year I had a big aha I didn’t like…, didn’t like at all (read with your best Dr. Seuss voice).  Here’s a little history for those who may be new to my adventures.

15-20 years ago I’d been inspired to manifest a Tropical Spa Retreat.  I had many of the details…the beginning of the business plan and about 13 people interested in moving to “we weren’t exactly sure yet” to get this going.  Since then I have done tons of research, contacted I think a gazillion people and companies.  Starting from California, I have travelled to Florida, Mexico, Belize, Roatan, Caymen Islands, Bahamas, Panama and Costa Rica looking for the “right” place and trying to make the necessary connections to get things to happen.  While Bimini in the Bahamas is still showing up very strong, as mentioned in my previous blog, I am still freezing in non-tropical regions with no clear destination ahead.  This could get pretty discouraging since it doesn’t appear, on the outside, I have gotten anywhere in my quest.

Ok, here is the big awareness I got last year….that is still not totally exciting to my little human self.  I am supposed to continue doing my research, making my connections and other activities in pursuit of the Spa Retreat.  As even I have said before, it is not the goal but the journey that’s most important.  Duh!  You’d think I’d have known this long ago but the full impact didn’t hit until 2012.  Whether that Tropical Spa Retreat will even become a reality in this lifetime of mine still remains to be seen.  

This incredible journey I am on full of joy and challenges intermingled with ease and grace is my mission!  My purpose, among other things, is to guide people to a higher awareness and way of living.  One of the best ways I do that is through my example.  Soooo, what is there not to like about this?  Well…I am still human and have lower human feelings at times.  Here’s one of the scenarios that helped me grasp the fullness of this “aha”.
For a number of years I have tried to earn money in the traditionally accepted (and expected ways).  This means providing products and services and getting paid as a direct exchange for them.  While I actually have provided numerous products and services, the amount I have actually received from them could hardly sustain a hamster.  I could provide story after story about this but will try to keep this short and sweet.  So how have I been living?  Literally upon the kindness of others!  Many people have housed, entertained and fed me as well as gifting me with other life necessities.  Skilled professionals have valued what I am doing in this world and provided me care and services that I may never be able to pay them for in the traditional way.  On the other hand, things I have done for others can never be repaid, whether they realize it or not, in the traditional way.  So many times I can clearly see who I am supposed to meet and how I am supposed to “touch” them.  (Often they don’t see this until years later but that is part of the “everything happens for a reason” thing) Some of you are still shaking your heads and thinking, “Where is she going with all this?”  Ok, while I’m not telling everyone to quit their jobs or get rid of their money or anything like that, I have been promoting alternate, healthier ways of living.  These involve growing your own produce, 
making your own food and sometimes even your own energy.  I know it’s difficult for all of us to do that but there are little ways we can start with.  Also, some people can more easily do things than others.  Here’s where a non-monetary exchange comes in.  Immediately you may think, “bartering”.  Yes and no.  Bartering is extremely beneficial and a step above some ways we are operating now.  However sometimes it’s more like karma, what goes around comes around.  You see someone in need and you help them.  Someone else sees you in need and they help you. 
A few of you may still be thinking this is going backwards.  After all, we “invented” money to more conveniently get the stuff we want.  Perhaps it would be well to review some of the “costs” of having money…
·          * Many people work in jobs that they are not interested in or passionate about.
·         * The majority of people never fully pursue what they are passionate about because
they can’t make money at it or they don’t have enough money to do it.
·          * Countless kids are neglected because the current society necessitates both parents working.
·          *   Most peoples’ work environments are not healthy (toxic people, physical activities or things they breathe).
·          * Not counting sleeping, most hours of peoples’ lives have something to do with their jobs.
·          * Desperate people take desperate actions in desperation to get money.
·          * Think of all the things people do to protect their money (put it in banks, lock their doors, get insurance etc).
·          * Consider how much time people worry about money related issues.
·          * How much time goes into the simple logistics of keeping track of money, moving it etc?
·          * How many people measure their (and others) value or worth by how much money they have?
No, money isn’t the root of all evil but perhaps now you can begin to see the benefits of providing things directly for yourself and for your neighbor.  Yes, money is still necessary for now but we can make some changes so that our lives do not revolve around it as much.  We can make a shift that enables us to move back into our power and help the people around us do so as well.

Oh, and about those lower vibration human feelings of mine?  I still have difficulty accepting help from others sometimes – what a way to overcome this!  And asking for help?  That is right there in the awful department with being in the freezing cold.  Those who know me will fully understand that part.  It’s also a bit challenging sometimes when people ask me where I live.   But! There is a reason….

When joyful, sad, insane, amazing things occur that you might not understand, remember that everything happens for a reason and that reason is to serve you.  Another gem I use to remind myself is something I got from my friends at Effortless Prosperity years ago……”This is here only to bless me.”