Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Northern Exposure and Rainbows

As you can read in my previous post Aloha Land, I arrived in an area that wasn’t my “first pick”. Serendipitously, it was indeed exactly the place I was “supposed” to be at precisely the right time. I actually became keenly aware of this within an hour of my arrival. The nature of the details is too personal for those involved to share so I’m highlighting the clear knowing. We don’t always get that in life which made this situation more of a gift on many counts.

A little over a month I lived in Kapa’au on the Northern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii. This gave me a fresh new personal meaning of the phrase “up North”. I quickly fell in love with the dear family I stayed with including their precious boy a little over a year old. He was simply a little bit of Heaven. Fairylike (or perhaps Menehune-like) jungle surrounded the house with a river flowing through the property – their own Fern Gully. Complete with wild pigs, mongeese (or is that mongooses?) and geckos, there was no shortage of critters. Nature provided all sorts of fruits - mango, coconut, guava, passion fruit, banana, papaya, avocado and more (not listed as I don’t remember their names). A garden produced a variety of veggie nutritiousness too.

For my ocean “fix”, I’d run at a healthy clip 25 minutes…and that was just to my entrance of the cliffs of North Kohala. The trek was mostly canopied by lush vegetation reminding me just how far down the rabbit hole I’ve traveled. Wandering along the edge of the winding sea cliffs, I’d look for signs, appreciating the beauty of the day. Visibility would reveal varying degrees of the sunrise depending on the clouds. On rare occasions, I was even treated with a view of Maui across the water. Although I clearly knew I had powerful work there, one morning I was slightly bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t be near the beach. I really got the downhill spiral going thinking the water there was probably even too rough for dolphins. This, of course, is ridiculous as dolphins love to surf too 😊
In that instant, emerging from the ocean was the largest pod of dolphins I have ever seen in person! Leaping and diving, they moved like a magnificent unit fin to fin. There appeared to be 3 solid waves of my magical friends almost teasing me for my thoughts….as if any waters were too rough for them! It was the only time they appeared for me although my consolation is they “told” me why. That lone visitation was enough to etch that ecstatic feeling forever in my being.
Of note: I often don’t have my own pictures to share as I rarely carry a camera on my adventures. Hunting on the internet, I couldn’t find a picture even close of the dolphin formation I saw – it was out of this world!!

On 888 (8/8/17), a day of infinite possibilities, I got to go to a delightful little beach near Waimea Bay. Accompanying the mama and baby I stayed with, we met up with another sweet mom and her baby. Babies and the beach – two of my loves! Finally, I “bathed in the Mother’s Waters” as I had been guided by my April reading of which I alluded to in I AM Home.

The much-heralded solar eclipse was experienced in the manner most appropriate for me. Suffice it to say it was indeed an entrancing event with much physical and spiritual significance. Personally, the feeling was as if I had gone through an enchanted portal. Life will never be the same! Perhaps you got to enjoy the magic somehow too? .....or felt its unique energies?

Radiant crystalline rainbows were a treat I was blessed with somewhat regularly – not as much as Florida – then again, I was right near the beach more often in Florida. But I digress. Magic and miracles are aspects I always associate with rainbows – whether bits and pieces or a double rainbow in all its splendor. (You can read another super significant rainbow story of mine in California Gold vs Peace.)  What is a rainbow? It’s a divine promise. It’s a wish granted. It’s captivating eye candy. It’s a beautiful reminder to notice and appreciate the abundant treasures laid at my feet….and never blame the rainbows for the rain!

Each person reading about my experiences will have a different understanding of them based on how they know me and the particular filters with which they view the world in general. If you are a new reader or “still reading”, please feel my deep gratitude for gracing my life with your “presence”. Special mahalo also to those who have contributed on the physical plane enabling me to continue my mission. Feel free to contact me privately to share your ahas, successes and life.  May the Spirit of Aloha shine brightly within you today!