Sunday, February 26, 2017

About That Tropical Spa Retreat…….

Those who know me or have been “following” me for years are also aware of my pursuit of a Tropical Spa Retreat. It’s concept and details were “downloaded” to me years ago (maybe 15) while still living in California. Since that time I have contacted thousands of people, researched extensively, traveled to many countries, considered numerous offers/possibilities and, so far, still not manifested this tropical sanctuary.

Obviously, we have many possible futures. Every action we take, every word we speak and every thought we think has the ability to shift the path we are on. Perhaps that Tropical Spa Retreat was one potential future and I took some action that changed it. This is not a conclusive fact as there is always the chance for it yet to materialize sometime in the future. I am still open to the possibilities and taking inspired action. Curiously, I cannot say I am passionate about the idea any longer – at least the way it was presented to me all those years ago. What has my attention more profoundly is my tropical home that first started to appear as a recurring night dream described in my blog post Baring My Soul and Planting A Dream Although I did not first conjure up the vision in my waking imagination, the more details I am provided and the more I contemplate it, the more intensely I desire it which brings me to my next observation.

Often I reference the term “past lives”. The reason for such is, whether folks believe in reincarnation or not, they understand the concept. However, my understanding is that time and space are creations for humans as most can’t compute everything going on simultaneously. Personally I believe in my living other lives, for one reason, I remember snippets of many of them. An excellent example is My Pirate Story So if everything is going on at the same time, and if I sense so many intense details of my tropical beach home repeatedly, perhaps there is some kind of “bleed-through” from another dimension or timeline. So vivid are the sensations, at times, I really feel I am living it! Just in case it is on this beautiful planet in this present lifetime, I continue to search for doors that may lead me there.

Jumping back to the more current “NOW”…..I thought I was headed to California in January. Even had my trusty Triptik all lined up. Just days before I would have left, a couple Earth Angels generously put a quite comfortable roof over my head in Florida. It was a good thing. The next day my daughter called saying she was coming to Florida to spend time with me for her birthday. My original idea was to just drive to California and surprise my family there. Heaven shifted my plans so I wasn’t heading to California as Natasha was heading to Florida! With only 3 full days together, we had a whirlwind of fun. Beach, working out, pampering, yummy food, introducing to friends, museums, a painting party and, of course, shopping…. Happy Birthday BabyGirl! So thrilled for our precious time together!

As usual, every year after Natasha’s birthday comes another celebration I cherish, Valentine’s Day. Over the decades I have experienced some very heavy reasons to warrant an intense distaste for the day. Yet, I am happy to report, it remains my favorite “holiday”. Of course I don’t need an actual day specifically in honor of Love. Just like one needn’t wait for New Year’s Day to make a fresh start. For me, every day is Valentine’s Day when I remember to see and act through the eyes of Love…..unconditional Love, that is!

My next big steps still elude me. Madagascar and surrounding islands off the east coast of Africa are presenting quite a bit. Research on the internet is a given but the Universe hasn’t shown me a way to physically explore yet. Anyone want to take me on a trip there with them? Might be just the ticket for getting out of an old groove OR enjoying some delightful weather OR living an adventure OR possibly being a part of something grand J

At present, I continue taking baby steps walking my talk:
Letting Go of the old that no longer serves me.
Not beating down doors or forcing things.
Listening to my inner guidance.
Making choices that bring most peace.
Living in the NOW.
Going with the flow.
Perhaps you are too?

Some of you Beautiful Beings have been sharing my journey and supporting me for years - maybe lifetimes. Thank you for staying by my side. Others have recently jumped onboard. Whether for a reason, a season or a lifetime, I am grateful for you all. Sending bright energy your way. Happy LOVE Day!