Sunday, April 14, 2013

Making A Difference

As I continue my travels doing  research and making connections for my Tropical Spa Retreat, I constantly see what others are accomplishing.  Via e-mail, fb posts, blogs, invitations and word of mouth, these announcements come to me from all parts of the globe.  This friend is leading a dolphin destination retreat, that friend is starting a global virtual community, another has started a program that will transform exercise for new moms all over, yet another travels getting residual income easily while inspiring people everywhere her family goes.   The list continues literally a 1,000 fold plus!  I have mentioned I have my moments.  Well, another recent invitation led to a “Moment”.  I am personally capable of many of the things people are writing about, celebrating and sharing.  Authoring a book, modeling on a runway for charity, telephone consulting, organizing a walking club, providing CEC classes for pre/postnatal exercise, coordinating travel and activities for myself and others, teaching a variety of fitness classes, offering awesome nutritional products that greatly enhance folks health, welcoming babies as they emerge into this existence, providing relaxation and beauty services as well as transformational assistance……these are all things that I am not only capable of but have actually done in my life.  My little monkey mind continues jabbing me telling me that, with all my talents and abilities, it appears I am accomplishing absolutely nothing!  Before the downward spiral spins too far out of control I jam on the brakes, back up and decide how I can differently view my situation.

I have consciously chosen the road less traveled.  Where I am is not random … not a mistake…not an accident.  My gypsy life the past 6-7 years has a purpose very clear to my Higher Self with my human (corporeal) self only catching glimpses here and there.  Part of my mission is to teach people by my example.  Clearly part of my experience is to connect with particular people on my journey, a privilege that is crystal clear and particularly exhilarating.  Equally important is the necessity of this path for my own growth and remembrance.  While almost cliché at this point, I truly know that my part in changing the world begins with me.  The higher I can elevate my own vibration and knowing, the greater the gift I pass on to everyone along my way. 
On the topic of Being the Change, I invite you to invest 7 minutes considering a topic – Making Everything in the World Free!  Free of money that is… And I know this will not happen overnight but our action is necessary to bring these kinds of shifts about.  Please watch this video and then, listen to your heart.

Once again, I have risen over my demons of doubt.  I have a smile on my face and can return to the business of joyfully changing the world....temporarily exploring - sometimes on a boat (with limited internet)….Caribbean island style. 

Maybe I will find that elusive Spa Retreat location yet!

Btw, since we do live in a money world right now, if you have been entertained or inspired by my life or my writing, and feel guided to do so, please make a “love contribution” by using the Dwolla (preferred) or PayPal link on my blog page.  Maybe someday I’ll write about how Dwolla is changing the world….Thank you for all your support and encouragement!