Monday, November 23, 2009

Mission from God OR Incredible Journey? Phase 2

Pura Vida! Pure life! Definitely an appropriate phrase here in Costa Rica. For those who remember, my friend Patti offered me haven at her place of amazing energy and breathtaking panoramic views in Ojochal de Osa. Even with pool construction occurring, I can still breathe easy and get very connected with nature. Dozens of butterfly varieties have danced around me.

There is peaceful quiet broken occasionally by nature….a far cry from Panama City, Bocas Town & David where the horn is a motor vehicle’s most essential part. In Florida, I had Laughing Gulls … here there are Laughing Hawks … a reminder to always keep my sense of humor! Parrots squawk around regularly, woodpeckers peck and there are frequent hummingbird buzz bys.

Now I know what toucans sound like. The Fruit Loops’ model comes by often and I had a few meaningful interactions with a Chestnut Mandibled variety as he kept tipping his head side to side to see me. Had a Black and Green Dart Frog hopped across my morning run path. Oh, I say path but the rock and dirt road is like a 70 - 80 degree angle much of the distance. You can imagine that for a Florida runner where the biggest incline is an anthill!

And yes, I’ve finally seen monkeys – White Faced Capuchins, cute Spider Monkeys and Howlers, who bark/roar regularly. Multi-colored iguanas are cool ranging from the little 5-7 inch brilliant green youngsters to brown-green-orange monsters about 3 feet long with huge spiky crests. There are magical, disappearing waterfalls across the valley, visible under certain lighting conditions.

Bonus for me is getting the internet here. While the connection is sometimes slow, it is a blessing to be able to communicate with you! Here’s a plug again for my friend Jake at AXICOM. He’s assisted me remarkably over the past years. He has been hugely instrumental in getting my message out in the form of blogs as I don’t always have the internet connection or the tech savvy to make it happen. He also graciously assisted in getting my PayPal portal set up. Please check Jake & his team out for computer and IT needs

Right away I was told about a house-sitting opportunity for a gal who was leaving for the US in a couple days. When I met with her, she showed me around her place telling me she was also considering another couple and would contact me when she returned to the states. The day I was going to commit to another, less desirable housing situation (2 ½ weeks later), she calls. Evidently she’s not totally thrilled with the other couple, feels better with me and hopes that I’m still interested. Done deal! I will be moving into my new home (for now) November 25. It is absolutely gorgeous with a pool, delightful yard with many fruit trees and it borders a bubbling or roaring river depending on the current rainfall. Will post pics on Facebook after I move in – Internet allowing.

November 9th roused me bright and early at 1:30am with a gentle earthquake. Guess the Universe wanted me to feel at home. My friend Patti, who had slept through it, asked me how I knew it was an earthquake. “Remember I’m originally from California” I smiled.

Another cool miracle happened as I was sitting on the edge of the pool deck looking out over the jungle to the ocean. While meditating/contemplating what to do next, one of the workers, Gabriel, comes over speaking Spanish. Mind you my Spanish vocabulary is only a tad broader than I learned on Sesame Street when my kids were young. He’s handing me a torn piece of brown paper that had penciled “Mateo 6-25-34”. I thought he wanted me to look something up for him on the internet. Then he said “bible”. If you are curious, look up Matthew 6:25-34.

November officially heralded in Christmas…at least at Patti and Wade’s. I’m sure we were the first to put up cheerful, colored, hypnotically blinking lights. What fun!

Since it’s more effective to do business and get to stores with transportation, I was debating purchasing a scooter. The pros were I could possibly make money and I’d be able to get groceries etc. Cons included I would be gambling to buy it spending most of my money with no clear source of income ahead and heck, I wasn’t even sure I’d stay in the area. The “special deal” on the scooter was $1200…actually pretty good for what I compared online. It didn’t bring me peace to make the purchase so I considered it for a while. 10 days later I decided to make the leap of faith only to find it was now $1600. It is now “season”. Things go here from being quiet and somewhat of a ghost town to not being able to get a parking space in some locations. So much for the scooter.

While excited about the prospect of a place to myself a bit later, it was getting evident daily that there are only so many places to go in a 2 room house. My friend Patti and her husband Wade had been more than generous in assisting me but could really use some alone together time. There was one place I’d seen that came strongly to my mine, Villas el Bosque. We went there and I was able to score a smokin’ deal of only 20 bucks a night! Alone at last in the wild! The hum of the fan and sounds of the jungle are all I can hear. Some gorgeous scarlet macaws even flew by reminding me I am in the right place for the moment.

It is a day by day, even moment by moment listening to spirit required to keep me going. There are connections I’m making, people I am touching along with people and situations that are blessing me. I know my time in this area will not be extensive…..I still see white sand beach and clear warm water near the Spa Retreat (you’ll find none around here). The internet situation is not conducive to the lengthy time needed for my Spa Retreat research and communications either. Will let you know what’s next when I do!

With my current eating habits being somewhat different than I’d previously been accustomed to, I feel confident I get all the nutrients my body desires with my Juice Plus. The chocolate and vanilla shakes make excellent meal replacements which I am also very grateful for. If you have kids, or just like to eat like one, there are gummy fruits and veggies. Give yourself or a loved one a holiday gift of enhanced health by signing up for yours today!

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Some pics are posted on Facebook. Only some as uploading pics is only as possible as current Internet allow. To see them, please “friend me” on Facebook…just add Michelle Hazlewood. Muchas gracias all for your enthusiastic support….financial, professional contributions, advise, research, energetic, e-mails, FB messages and all. Without you, I couldn’t have gotten this far. Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Loved Ones!!

Blessings, Appreciation and Love ~


  1. HI MICHELLE: So great to get to come along with you on your Great Adventure via this blog. It is like peaking out from your knapsack - (Oh Duck!! Here comes a low-flying Toucan!! LOL)
    Is that THE Patti you are with from EP morning call? Are she and Wade living there now? Please give her my love and very best wishes. How great that you have met up there.
    Panama sounds like quite a different world. It may just take a little while to make the transition and find your rhythm with it. Then all the doors will open and it will lay itself at your feet. :)
    Here the Fall has been wonderful with its dazzling light/color displays and a lovely lift in energies as everything busies to prepare for winter. I've had a nice uptick in my energy and have been able to walk more and enjoy some delicious social outings. Tomorrow, Thanksgiving, I am going with dear friends to a local resort who do a spectacular buffet feast. I love this season of Thanksgiving and celebration.
    I am so grateful for your always uplifting and inspiring presence in my life. May your journey be ever blessed with lifegiving magic and wonder.


  2. I'm still learning technology and don't know how to get my Blogger comments in my e-mail notifications. Thank you to all who have read and commented. Haven't figured out how to reply individually either as I get messages that people haven't allowed their profiles to be public etc. Oh well, all in good time. Sending Love, Appreciation & Light! Michelle