Sunday, June 6, 2021

These ARE My Monkeys ~ This IS My Circus!

June has rolled around and finds me composing yet another message for you. I really thought I'd be skipping a month, or maybe more, but this story wanted to come through. Perhaps there is ONE special person out there that needs to hear it right now.....

As you may recall from my May blog post, most typical human sayings, or idioms, don’t work for me. Perhaps you caught my thoughts on human expressions in Everything Happens for a Reason. Some have worked in one form at a certain point in my evolution – only to shift completely with a new level of awakening. That is exactly what happened recently. I had some sayings that helped me get through challenges like, “Be still and know that I AM GOD” and “This too shall pass.” I also used to look at particular human behaviors and reassure myself with, “Not my monkeys – Not my circus”. That is, until a recent profound aha moment. I realized These ARE my monkeys and this IS my circus! I create my own reality. My thoughts and energetic levels affect what I manifest in my life. I used to somewhat pity the folks who’d say, “they had no choice” as I could see/feel the victim mentality in which they were imprisoning themselves in a world of infinite possibilities. In fact, I was limiting myself with the “not my monkeys” thing. Taking responsibility is a much more empowered place for me. I’m not saying it’s for everyone as it may conflict with their belief of letting go of the things they cannot change. For me, it is not a conflict as we affect the world around us on so many different levels or dimensions. The more one opens their mind to the possibilities, the more one can experience that which is, sometimes beyond words difficult to express…..the more we can manifest what used to be called miracles regularly! We can be the change we wish to see in this world!

For me, my beliefs have some kind of images and/or feelings attached. If there are no mental pictures or emotions, it is challenging for me to have something desired show up in my reality. So the situations I’d previously used, “Not my monkeys…”, would also shift in stages. I began imagining regular monkeys dressed in fancy waistcoats like in a circus or performing with an organ grinder – Mind you I would never really want to see monkeys in captivity or forced to do anything. This is also the way I imaged people exhibiting less than “my” ideal behavior. The images would kind of flash back and forth between monkeys and humans in these waistcoats. Next, realizing if they really were my monkeys, I could have them behaving any way I pleased. The fancy waistcoats disappeared and they all grew wings – not like the dark winged monkeys in The Wizard of Oz but gossamer fairy wings. One by one, they each changed to every imaginable cheerful color of the rainbow.

In the next stage, each began to display - on their chests like Care Bear Cousins – symbols of significance to me…heart, triangle, ankh, infinity symbol, Fibonacci spiral etc. My mind went into great detail with this game of making this new belief part of my current reality. I know it sounds a bit silly but it is a process that helped me positively shift.

Do I really want to get involved in others’ problems and dysfunctional situations? Definitely not in the typical human sense. In fact, I make conscious choices that make those situations scarce in my world. However, as mentioned before, we concurrently live in so many layers and dimensions. As I become aware of less than desirable activities on this planet, I can energetically assist in a powerful manner. Not dwelling on the horrors, the challenges and the sadness, I surround the situation with love and imagine qualities I wish for them like peace, harmony, comfort and joy. This energetic “work” has similar effects to that of prayer. Surrounding any situation with positive energy, in whatever manner that resonates with you, is assisting in making this world a better place. Anyone who participates in this, IS helping BE the change we wish to see! Thank You for all your efforts and Congratulations on the great shifts you have assisted in bringing about – and those you continue to help with!

While I don’t have any beach crafts related to monkeys to share (although I did paint a darn cute Curious George statue when I was very young), Down the Rabbit Hole definitely relates to rainbows and traveling through various dimensions! Please Contact with your interest. And yes, the last pic is blurry intentionally 😉

Although I have discontinued my previous use of “Not my monkeys..” there is a funny variation I’ve used that may apply to you too -  “Not my monkeys, not my circus.  However, sometimes I’ve been seen driving around in the clown car!” 😄 Perhaps you can think of some colloquialisms you have used in the past? Colloquialisms that you might want to tweak a bit to make them more powerful for your personal use today. These sayings or recordings in our heads, whether spoken aloud or not, contribute to our reality. Do you want to live consciously or by default? Although there are no wrong answers, I encourage you to choose wisely. And for every bright new choice you make, Heaven celebrates and I thank you!

Wishing you rainbows and happiness
(monkeys optional)!


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    1. Dear Peter ~ We are teaching each other!
      We are "walking each other HOME". <3

  2. I actually have a little pendant with this saying hanging from the rearview in my car. May have to rethink that now...

    The one that came to my mind is "Wherever you go, there you are!" I've been pursuing The Work of Byron Katie of late, so I'll ask, "Is it true?" And now that I think about it, I'm not sure it is! Our environment affects us as much as we do the environment and at each juncture I find that I have changed, grown, moved. Add to that the thought espoused in Deepak Chopra's Healing meditation that we don't actually 'go' anywhere - rather everything happens within consciousness ... which basically nullifies the entire thought!

    Hey, this is fun! 😄


    1. C ~ It is fun! Pretty sure that's one of the main reasons we are "here". I also like, "Wherever you go, there you are!". As with any saying, they can all mean such different things depending on the angle/perception/dimension we are coming from!
      Thanks for "playing" :-)

    2. Good to hear from you, Michelle.
      Mary Lou

    3. Thanks for reading Mary Lou!
      Much Love ~