Tuesday, July 6, 2021


Have you ever had a sense of a whole series of events from another time and place of which you never read or heard about? Have you had detailed flashes of you – but as a different person? Have you been to a place for the “first time” yet had a knowledge of specifics of that place? As alluded to before, I remember “past” lives”. Incidentally, I only use the term “past lives” since it is a concept most people grasp whether they subscribe to the belief of reincarnation or not. Actually, time and space are constructs for the human mind. Especially with the majority of humans using only a tiny fraction of their mental capabilities, they just can’t compute all these experiences happening simultaneously.

For months, I was playing a game on my fb Coaching page called Mystery Theme asking if anyone could guess the theme running through all the pictures. A few caught on to some degree. What the images actually depicted were reflections of past lives I personally have memories of. Way back in 2011, I made myself vulnerable sharing with the world, My Pirate Story. Sometimes I remember scenarios in great detail and, at others, only snippets. At times the memories are mostly pictures/images and others more visceral. For example, I remember
BEing a very large cat – a Lion or Tiger or such. I don’t see myself. I just AM. Even now, I have a sense of looking through those keen eyes. I feel myself crouching, stalking, getting ready to pounce. Even now, I can climb and easily make myself comfortable in a tree. Upon hearing a lion/tiger roar or growl, there is a primal bursting sensation within me that I’m at a loss for words to describe in human.

I have had people tell me they remember me before….One lady remembered me as a priestess with her in Lemuria and described some aspects of what that looked like. The scene she detailed totally resonated with my memories although I didn’t specifically remember her. Another person said she felt me as a dolphin (actually at least two people have told me that). Although I have an intense connection with dolphins, I do not have the sense of actually being one like the big cat feelings. Maybe a mermaid.....


Mommy and Baby Dolphins ~ "A Mother's Love"
Blinged out Mommy and Baby Dolphins? Yup, because they like to have fun too! In fact, they were repurposed for this beautiful piece after being forgotten on the beach following a day of fun. The two rhinestone-studded dolphins with sparkly blue heart leap over coral. Their ocean/sky backdrop is a giant heart cockle. Perhaps they will brighten your home and remind you to maintain a spirit of joy and love.


Everyone is different and their remembrances or experiences show up for them uniquely. For me, it was mostly when I slipped off for extended periods of solitude in the natural world. The more lost I became in nature, the more I had remembrances. Memories and information would come through. It wasn’t just events I had as a human but also sensations of BEingness in other than Earth settings. Additionally, I got information not only of this planet but beyond. In later years, I’d start to hear about that same information I’d received in others’ messages as “new information” or “new discoveries”.

For decades of my life, I’d been second guessing myself and my memories due to malevolent people manipulating me to think I was always wrong or that I couldn’t trust my own intuition. They played control mind games, from downright brainwashing to trying to convince me that I’d done or said something I hadn’t or vice versa. Some would try to tell me “why” I did something or “what I was thinking” as part of their argument to prove their position. Thankfully, I’ve learned to see through most of these kind of people and tactics – very helpful in not getting into similar situations anymore! Ironically, I sometimes still play mind games with myself only now with positive purposefulness. For instance, if someone questions me, or I second guess my own self, I now use that opportunity to pause and wonder. Did I really do or say that in “this reality?” Not so farfetched when I can shift through a few dimensions in one “present earth day”.

So what good is awareness of other “selves” or dimensions aside from entertainment? The answers to that are infinite. You can access wisdom from another “you” or timeline and use it to help with a situation now. It might help explain some seemingly irrational fears or tendencies that are actually a carry over from another “life”. Perhaps you have an incredible talent that seemed to flow effortlessly from the moment you started - possibly you were a master at that as another "you".

I certainly have found out reasons I love to play with fire in this existence. The delving could even assist in scratching the surface of infinity itself! Whether or not you choose to play in these spiraling realms is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong about it. Just limitless food for thought…..

Amazing Art about Dimensional Shift
 by Jean-Luc Bozolli

In wrapping up, I wish to remind you of my deep gratitude - gratitude for reading this post, appreciation for the many ways you show you care, and big thanks for the positive wave of change you make in my life and in this world! Infinite blessings as we enjoy this wild ride together! Namaste ~



  1. Thanks for this! I have had many remembrances of my alternate selves. You reminded me in this post that it is quite possible some of the pain in my body is actually associated with those other 'mes'. Now if I could just figure out how to release it!


    1. My pleasure Dear and thanks for reading. We indeed can store "memories" as pain both physically and emotionally. It can be a bit challenging to shift it but there are definitely ways....I have a feeling you will be able to "release" a good amount of this when you are ready.....You've got this! _/|\_