Friday, September 10, 2021

Common Sense?

“It’s just common sense!” has been uttered dogmatically throughout the decades. But is it really? Ever consider why common sense isn’t so common? The reasons are as vast as the planet and beyond. Most people where not brought up the same way – different parents, different countries, different languages and cultures. This alone would contribute to so many thoughts/beliefs/actions not held in common. What is a sign of appreciation in some cultures, is an insult in others. What is a compliment to one, is an insult to another. What is gorgeous to some, is ghastly to someone else. One’s justice - another’s crime.

Usually, when people call on “common sense”, they really mean common to what they themselves believe is right or makes sense. They align with others who have beliefs and practices in common with them, thus reinforcing their own beliefs and way of life.

So, you see, it is virtually impossible to have only one way of being even in one city – much less the whole world. Instead of bemoaning the lack of, or wishing for, common sense, might it not be more helpful to look for common ground? We will all have our differences – those things that make each and every one of us uniquely beautiful. We wouldn’t really want to all look the same – think the same – act the same. We aren’t robots or a clone race so let’s celebrate our differences and enjoy our similarities.  

Something many have in common with me, to a greater or lesser degree, is a dependence on technology. Once upon a time I was told

that everyone successful in business needed proper branding and a website. I spent a lot of time, money and energy cultivating that “requirement” and never had the results I’d hoped for with them. What’s more - these activities certainly didn’t fall into the “what brings me joy” category. Recently, I have made the tough decision to take my website down. With technology changing every week, I really hadn’t been able to use it properly for the past 15+ years. I held on to retain info on it that I wanted and hoped, someday, to have someone else take over. Or, at least, make it so I could manage the content again. In all these years, neither has happened and it had become more and more obsolete. Perhaps a sign I may not need as much technology in the future?

Another sign (?) is my email continuing to be blocked and the alternate service to my challenges – Mailchimp – not performing (pun intended) desirably either.   First it was my email service – Rackspace -  that was supposedly the problem – evidently flagged for “spam”. It seems that sending something only once a month is suspicious as opposed to filling peoples’ email boxes on a more frequent basis. Then it was the recipients. Hotmail, aol and yahoo were big spam offenders so they were punishing me? by blocking my emails? I still get plethora of spam flowing to my Hotmail and universalwellness accounts so none of it makes sense at all to me – from a human perspective, that is. Whatever the issue, it really seems like the tech windows are closing around me….

For now, I am still offering Juice Plus and
Tower Garden – powerful solutions to assist you in taking charge of your own health and wellness. I am occasionally “in range” to offer Wellness Coaching by Phone – a 6 week intensive life charge or “re-boot”. If you think this might be just the boost you need, please contact for details.

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Part of my mission is making compassion, love and beauty more “common”. I sense if we can increase the percentage of those qualities in the world, we will increase the light and happiness of all humanity. Huge gratitude to each of you who have blessed me with these qualities in one way or another. You have definitely recharged me, increasing my ability to continue the bright flow. Please, all who read this, do something compassionate, loving and beautiful for someone else as well as yourself today 💖 One thing we all have in common is each being part of the change happening on this planet. What kind of change are you envisioning and manifesting? You are more powerful than you can imagine! If it feels appropriate for you, let’s join hearts and help increase the wave of love washing over this entire world! If fact, the more people that hold this intention in common, the more magnificent the “magical” results.

Namaste ~


  1. I'm curious what inspired your focus on the theme of "common sense". You make great points!

    Also, sorry you've been having such issues with technology. Perhaps that's a common unifying theme amongst issues.

    1. Big appreciation, Peter, for reading my offerings! It might seem kind of odd to some about what themes seem to be the focus. It is as if I am just "given" them. It is like I get the title and a "download" of the general idea then I build the rest of the words around it. I empathize with you and the rest of the folks sharing in tech issues. If we all keep looking to the bright side and do the best we peacefully can, I know we can move through this - together!

  2. I like your take on "common" sense, Michelle. Made perfect "sense" to me. There are so many reductionist phrases that come to our lips which don't really hold to light of truth or mean anything significant. Thanks for laying this one down. I'm sure I've used it, and how it's exposed for the obfuscation it is. How's that for a big word? 🥰 Love and hugs to you, dear one.

    ps I used technology, love what it does for me, but know I will lose precious life energy, sometimes dollars, when it stops working, which it always does, at the least opportune moment. No free ride on the technology train. I do try to be mindful of my usage and when I've capitulated to its never-ending pull and lose my balance. Glad I"m not depending on it for income. THAT must be stressful.

  3. Obfuscation! That's a great word Jeanne! I'm glad we share common ground in our views and especially in love! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and making me smile. With the tech stuff, I am doing my best to be in a peaceful place with it - and succeed most of the time ;-) xo